April City Manager’s report

By:  Diane Benjamin

David Hales has posted his April City Manager’s report, but much of it is missing:  City Manager’s Report – April 2016

missingThe biggest missing item:  Finance

Previous reports have shown tax receipts above budget.  So why are those numbers missing from the April report?  David?


Congrats to Golf:

Out of the box thinking!


Congrats to the zoo:





The BCPA continues to report numbers that say nothing.

In February and March they did the same thing.  https://blnnews.com/2016/05/04/two-city-manager-reports-posted/

Is it too difficult to recap each show?  Citizens have no idea if every show makes money or tosses their money out the window.  They also have no idea how many people attend just shows.  VenueWorks has promised to post this inform for Coliseum events, why can’t the BCPA?



From the Water department:

Why is usage down and breaks/leaks up?







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5 thoughts on “April City Manager’s report

  1. Pipes break because T Party morons have hacked budgets so far that infrastructure is collapsing.

    Christ you are dense.

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    1. Yea…because as everybody knows, the Tea Party has ruled the Bloomington city council, the McLean County board, and the State of Illinois with an iron fist for decades now. /sarc

      Wow…there just isn’t any fixing your kind of stupid, is there?

      As for “Christ you are dense.”… blessed be his name forever!


  2. WHAT…30 water main breaks in three months versus an average of 25 per year for the last 9 years!
    Maybe everyone is taking fewer baths or showers creating a vacuum in the pipes causing collapse.
    Or, maybe the population is shrinking and the infrastructure has been ignored for decades.


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