Bloomington: Your Mayor

By:  Diane Benjamin

The email below was received under the Freedom of Information Act.  The topic of this email will be expanded in the future.

If you were “James”, what would you think?

tariEven if “fat fingers” are responsible, who hits send anyway?  Doesn’t EVERY device show misspelled words?






15 thoughts on “Bloomington: Your Mayor

  1. Not only is Tone Deaf Tari a tyrannical egomaniac suffering from a Napoleon complex, the SOB is functionally illiterate. It has long been said that those who can not do; teach. Great job and once again thank you Diane. It is so true that you are the common citizens best friend and only true source of information.


  2. There goes Tari spewing blame towards groups that he doesn’t like as special interests. Geesh, one might think that such a self pro-claimed professor could do better that the constant use of sound bites, but no another disappointment of reality. Tari,,,special interests is exactly who you represent. Transparency only in your imagination Mr. Mayor.


  3. Maybe his glasses didn’t snap together right and it changed his “focal length” Thereby causing him to see things unclearly or faintly? Sure seems like it happens a lot.


  4. “IBM Verse helps users quickly find and focus on what content is most important”

    I donut know watt happened, user error possibly.


  5. And remember folks that Tari is a PROFESSOR wanna bet his students cant spell either even with spell check


  6. That was almost like a primer as well in socio-progressive speak as soom as you see “voices” now you can be pretty sure what sort of person is writing.


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