When “public servants” aren’t

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m reading a great book called Anatomy of the State.  Shock:  “We The People” aren’t the government and government is not for “We The People”.

Look no farther than the State of Illinois, now close to its second year of no budget.  Mike Madigan is threatening 4 years of no budget because his district isn’t affected and he has a Republican to defeat so he can go back to the status quo.

Did “We The People” want this?  Does Madigan care what we think?  Not a chance.

Here’s the facts:  Citizens invest their time and money learning a trade or obtaining skills, then they produce goods and services for other citizens.  Government then steals part of their production.  They will even use force and violence to obtain what they feel entitled to.  Ever been visited by the IRS?  The State of Illinois sends out 1st notices with a heading:  Final notice before turning over for collection.

Obviously “We The People” are objects from which to extract money.  Government targets groups ripe for exploitation and launches attacks simply because they can.

I will be proving that point soon!

I will also prove that violating the law to extract that money is immaterial to officials who could never qualify as “Public Servants”.  Unfortunately those other “Public Servants” who are charged with enforcing the law rarely do.

I will also reveal that some “Public Servants” may see government as a way to enrich themselves.  The obvious example is Hillary Clinton who claimed to be broke when she and Bill left the White House, together they are now worth an estimated $111 MILLION.

The local case isn’t that extreme, but sitting on a board with knowledge of what may be coming isn’t a license to profit for yourself.

One case is City, the other is County.

Maybe citizens will finally realize what LIMITED GOVERNMENT means.

Stay tuned.

Tell your friends, this is going to get good.


7 thoughts on “When “public servants” aren’t

  1. I got the popcorn and am so looking forward to what you uncover next. Thank you for your inexhaustible pursuit of the truth and uncovering the corruption and deception that defines the left wing agenda.

  2. Maybe we should ALL bust into a verse of “Amazing Grace”? IF politicians HAD to get a a REAL job, McDonalds would have the most “educated idiot” workforce on the planet! Apologies to ANYONE who does work at McDonalds, as they put up with a LOT of crap from people-politicians pretend to, Wonder WHAT Dennis Hastert had for breakfast?

  3. Diane,

    I am currently taking “Constitution 101” from Hillsdale College free and on-line. My degree is in Political Science but this course is so good! I am using it as a refresher just for my own enlightenment. Your comments are so interesting given what I have been studying today. I wish all of your readers would take this course. As I said it is free and on-line. Hillsdale uses only original documents to teach – no textbook with someone else’s opinions. I have read Aristotle, Cicero, Locke, Washington, Paine, Jefferson, Lincoln, Hamilton, and Mason, plus the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution in the last couple days. It highlights how far we have fallen in our understanding of why this country was formed and how base we are in our discourse. The Founders were able to lay someone low with philosophical arguments. Perhaps a word from you would encourage a few to take the course. We would all benefit!

    Thank you for all you do!

    Carol Rogers

  4. Congratulations Carol! MOST folks have NO concept of the Declaration of Independence. In older times it was STANDARD practice on the 4th of July to read the D.O.I FIRST thing in the morning, followed by blasting anvils into the air (usually done in western mining camps) and THEN the days’s festivities started, followed by an ALL NIGHT dance in the evening. Looks like you’re getting some GOOD reading there, as our founding fathers were rather articulate!

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