FYI: Government employees are just fine

By:  Diane Benjamin

While looking for something else, I found the following in the June 21st minutes of the County Board.

  • At least one local company is bringing in foreign contractors and firing long time employees.
  • The unemployment rate in Bloomington-Normal is skyrocketing.
  • Local available jobs require skills, but don’t pay enough to support a family.

Government employees are entitled however.  Don’t forget the lavish benefits and pensions.  No current data is available for local household income since more than 2000 jobs have disappeared, but household income was below $60,000.


One more note:  Since these are elected positions, they get paid regardless of days worked!








4 thoughts on “FYI: Government employees are just fine

  1. Government workers as a whole are a subject that clogs my drains. I get so sick of hearing the rhetorical bulls**t from government workers who take the position that they are doing something noble by working in “public service.” Then to have the unmitigated gall to claim how they are sacrificing higher wages and benefits by choosing to serve their neighbors. The truth is these spoiled, pampered, lazy slugs could not hold a job in the private sector. They would be required to show up for work on time everyday, be expected to actually perform the duties they were hired to do, they would not have 2 months paid time off each year, and they would be held accountable for their actions. Those requirements alone disqualifies a large portion of the government workers I know. How dare they be expected to actually EARN a paycheck and follow company rules and policies.

    1. I know I’m not going to get rich working at ISU, that’s not why I do it, I actually love my job! I’m certainly not a “spoiled, pampered, lazy slug.” But, thanks for lumping me into that category, I appreciate it. Also, I’m not going to get a pension, because I wisely, selected the self-managed plan. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. So, don’t call me a “drain” with my “bloated pension” either, ’cause I’m sure someone’s gonna bring that up here… Not all of us picked the pension plan, and we’ll be better off for doing so, and so will the state.

  2. I’m all for people earning as much as their talent and results are worth. But when you choose a life of “public service” – you knowingly forego the big cash you’d normally get in the private sector because you’re paid by the taxpayer. In exchange for lower salaries, the taxpayers fund richer benefits/retirement programs.

    Somewhere along the line, “public service” employees started getting both top dollar AND rich benefits. I don’t think anyone in BN “public service” should be paid a six figure salary. And unfortunately, there are LOTS who do. I have a friend who actually LEFT the private sector to join the City – because he’d make more $ and get full benefits. Something’s wrong with that picture.

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