Pantagraph Hypocrisy!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Every 30 days the Pantagraph prints a Letter to the Editor from the most uniformed local personever!  If she could get a letter in every week, I’m sure she would.

Conservative writers have their letters rejected, many are told they can’t prove what they wrote.  Some don’t get an explanation.

Meanwhile, divisive lies are printed monthly, evidently with no questions asked.

More proof of who the Pantagraph really is.

If they reject a letter of yours, send it to me.

Some of the top read stories of all time are letters they rejected.





5 thoughts on “Pantagraph Hypocrisy!

  1. I don’t get the Daily Mistake, but one woman came to my mind. I am reminded of the letter from her they published excusing everything Obama did as President because the blame was on the Congress. Then the next few paragraphs she placed the same blame on Bush that she claimed Obama could not be blamed. And yet they continued to publish her nonsense.

  2. I would hope that most people would take the letters to the editor with a grain of salt since they are merely personal opinions. Now, if her letters are routinely published in the limited space provided while others are rejected, that would be unfair to the many who wish to speak their mind.
    I did appreciate the other letter to the editor from a former police officer who spoke in favor of concealed carry. His letter was straight forward without assigning blame–as those letters should be.

  3. I can only presume since the liberal loon in question is not named that this must be Linda Doughnuts. I have read and responded that left lunatics rants on hundreds of occasion and have actually been suspended at different times for my rebuttals to her rants. Matter of fact I have been banned permanently under a few usernames for my criticism of letter authors and Slantagraph policies. Hey, a man needs a hobby so what the hell. If I am wrong in identifying Linda Doughnuts let me know but I would make book that is who you are talking about. She is a left wing loon who is very long on rhetoric and has fewer facts than Marilyn Mosby.

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