Trouble in Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

I found this story today about personal income from 2014

Personal income in Bloomington went down in 2014 3.2%, but Illinois was up a very slow 1%.  When did Illinois ever perform better than Bloomington?  In this national survey Bloomington was second among metropolitan areas with the greatest decline:

declineWhat happened in 2014?  State Farm relocating employees?  Had Country Companies started replacing employees with foreign labor yet?

Imagine what it is now since Mitsubishi closed and related businesses are affected.

Government employees will still get their 2%+ increases a year.  They are immune from reality.  Responsible leaders would announce immediate pay and hiring freezes for all government employees.  Do we have any responsible leaders?

Personal income was down while the City of Bloomington was busy taxing everything possible.  Residents spending power decreased even more because government STOLE their money to “feed the pig”.

Expect the trend to continue down.  I’ve been saying it will for quite a while.  Now there is proof.

Running again Tari?

I’d like to hear Renner explain how a decline of 3.2% isn’t a disaster.

I hope he says Bloomington needs a downtown hotel.  Most likely it won’t be built with local labor.  The waitress and maid jobs created will just make that personal income shoot sky-high.





4 thoughts on “Trouble in Bloomington

  1. If I’m reading that correctly, 3 of the top 5 losers were from Illinois. Speaks volumes about our state government.


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