More on MetroNet and Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

A public hearing was held on April 25, 2016 pertaining to MetroNet coming to Bloomington.

This item was included in the documentation:

rightIt’s appalling the City thinks they can determine who is a “right” fit.  These are the same guys who thought the Coliseum was the “right” fit.

Secret:  Tari and his IWU class studied a sports arena to see if it was the “right” fit for Bloomington long before it was built!  It’s pretty obviously what the result was!

Did you know that?

I have people looking for documentation.  Maybe somebody at the Open House today could ask Tari what his involvement was.  Get video!!!

MetroNet used to be the “right” fit – now they aren’t?

There is nothing in the documentation stating MetroNet agreed to provide service to the entire City all at the same time.

I wonder who hasn’t been the “right” fit and therefore wasn’t allowed in Bloomington.

I hope a potential Mitsubishi buyer wasn’t told they weren’t the “right” fit.

Do Tari and Scott Black not understand people on the west side can and will benefit from MetroNet even if it doesn’t come to their house yet?

Employers, non-profits, and friends will have access that “trickles down”.  As much as some folks want to claim “trickle down” doesn’t work, it does.  It’s what made America great and cut government out of the process. (Now you know why they claim it doesn’t work!)

See this post:


3 thoughts on “More on MetroNet and Tari

  1. Well put. MANY business concerns don’t do ALL their development at once-as capital plays a big part in FURTHER development in ANY project, esp. the private sector, apparently the “right fit” folks don’t get it. ALSO a market usually needs to be PROVEN before any “smart capitalist” involves any more cash in a new project, and of course, most ANY project follows the cash. Unfortunately, it seems all the “in crowd” in downtown just don’t get it!! MAYBE if they weren’t playing developer with cash like a kid with monopoly money, they’d get the concept.
    IF I remember right, it took TELECABLE several years to get cable TV to all of town, it wasn’t done in a overnight fashion..
    MAYBE Tari and company will accept this FACT on bike lanes, idealized city layout, downtown hotel, and other “pie-in-da-sky” plans. MAYBE???


  2. We live on Bunn St and my husband talked to MetroNet today to see when we would get their service. They didn’t know yet when it will be available in our area. Like Townie said in his comment that a company can’t get service to everyone at the same time.


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