What happens when you take government money?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Government money doesn’t come without strings.  If you take it, you live by their rules.

Driving around town today I saw this:

ywca1No, I didn’t use my phone!

Government most likely required “Emergency Door” because citizens are too stupid to know how to escape or be rescued.

Next you get to drive around town advertising tax dollars bought your vehicle.

I couldn’t wait to find out what was on the side, unfortunately because of the rain it’s hard to read:






wyca2The words above YWCA are:

Eliminating Racism


Empowering Women

So much for the Young Christian Women Association!

That’s not even their name anymore.  From their History page, a couple of things I found interesting:


1970 – Planned Parenthood office opens a temporary office at YWCA.

1973 – The organization changes its name from Young Women’s Christian Association of Bloomington to Young Women’s Christian Association of McLean County.

2006 – The organization changes its name from Young Women’s Christian Association of McLean County to YWCA McLean County.

Christian has disappeared.  YWCA now stands for nothing.

(Except what the government wants it to do)

Comply serf!







  1. Few years back they also covered their concrete sign on the corner. It was their full name with the word “Christian” in it. Their excuse was it was a distraction on such a busy intersection. LOL! I think it’s uncovered now but there’s an electrical box conveniently in front of it.


  2. when they booted tho lady swimmers out, they went way down in my book, now i know why



  3. This has to be the dumbest blog ever written on this site. Second only to when you accused a NCHS Economics teacher of treason.


    • But yet you return.


    • Is this the person you are talking about?

      New comment waiting approval on BLNNews

      FedUp commented on 9/11 at Tri-Valley High School

      NCHS’s claim to fame is a teacher who stomped on the American flag, has several pictures of Che Guevara in the classroom, has a green and white stripe flag resembling the American Flag hanging in the classroom and NO Real American flag as other classrooms have, a black Rosie the Riveter painted on the wall, obama painted on the wall, a black Dora the Explorer painted on the wall, a poster of obama hanging on the door to the hallway, a picture of Karl Marx hanging in the classroom. Do you think this one is remotely capable of teaching students about patriotism and American Exceptionalism? I doubt it. Bravo Tri Valley. Thumbs down NCHS. BTW, the display of flags from around the world hangs above the entryway to the cafeteria. I resembles the United Nations, deliberately, no doubt.


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