9/11 at Tri-Valley High School

Barb Pearson retired from teaching at Tri-Valley about 3 years ago.  She wanted the kids to never forget 9/11/2001 so, by herself, she created a memorial to the victims.  The school has done this display before, but they now plan to display her work every 5 years.

The freshman weren’t born when 9/11 happened!

What is it?

009See the gold ribbon?  Barb wrote the names of every 9/11 victim on the ribbon:

005The ribbon wraps around the entire commons area:

The school is also displaying two flags.

This one has the name of every first responder that died:

004This one has the name of every victim:

Barb Pearson is still teaching kids.
Thanks Tri-Valley.







  1. A LOT of time and EFFORT went into this-GREAT JOB Barb. She’s the kind that the students probably like as an “involved” teacher! History is an AMAZING (and sometimes scary) subject. From The Invasion of Alexander the Great, to walking on the Moon, it’s ALL a fascinating story of humankind and it’s accomplishments, perils, mistakes, trials, tribulations and victories. Lest we NOT forget them**** Vini, Vidi,Vici!


  2. Barb’s work represents the definition of a legacy. Her selfless act of producing this memorial tells us who she is as a person.


  3. Jim Defenbaughbuses says:

    What a great tribute, she was a great teacher. My children enjoyed her teaching.


  4. That’s great Diane. Thanks for sharing this.


  5. NCHS’s claim to fame is a teacher who stomped on the American flag, has several pictures of Che Guevara in the classroom, has a green and white stripe flag resembling the American Flag hanging in the classroom and NO Real American flag as other classrooms have, a black Rosie the Riveter painted on the wall, obama painted on the wall, a black Dora the Explorer painted on the wall, a poster of obama hanging on the door to the hallway, a picture of Karl Marx hanging in the classroom. Do you think this one is remotely capable of teaching students about patriotism and American Exceptionalism? I doubt it. Bravo Tri Valley. Thumbs down NCHS. BTW, the display of flags from around the world hangs above the entryway to the cafeteria. I resembles the United Nations, deliberately, no doubt.


  6. That is great. Think the paper waste will have a story on this display?


  7. Leticia Baker. I’ll work on getting pictures.


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