County Board wants to avoid bids

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday the Executive Committee of the County Board passed a resolution for emergency replacement of the Board sound system.  It’s $108,000, but the reference material is written so poorly it’s hard to prove that’s what they are buying.  Here’s the agenda item:

county-micsThe packet information isn’t any more clear:

See page 44.  Note:  I always use the PDF page numbers instead of whatever number system the government agency uses.

This is the explanation from the packet:

county-mics2It goes on to say there is money for this expenditure in the General Fund and they want to transfer it to IT.

The current system is still working, so this hardly qualifies as an emergency.  I wonder who the vendor is for this emergency spending?  A friend of government?  A relative?

The documentation doesn’t say.

The full Board still has to vote.  Let’s see which County Board members want to avoid the bid process and which think they shouldn’t.  I do know the Executive Committee had at least 2 NO votes.

I hear it was County Administrator Bill Wasson pushing for this.  With very limited information and no explanation of why it’s an emergency, the entire Board should vote NO.  It can be added to next years budget if necessary.







  1. …coming from a former Board member, you are “huntin’ with the right dog.”


  2. sticky bean says:

    That much money for a PA system for a handful of board members? Imagine a garage band with that kind of money for a sound system they would blow windows out a bock away!


  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Bloomington City Council ain’t got nothing on the McLean County Board. Keep digging. Government watchdogs have plenty of job security with them.


  4. Wonder WHAT dates they have Pink Floyd booked for? That’s ludicrous!!, They could darn near set up a studio in the ARENA for that amount! And make it a PAYING proposition!!


  5. I think the money could be better spent on having bigger pizza parties. Or may repair the old Terminal building. Or lighting at the old terminal. Or maybe just give everyone ear cones. Cheaper, and everyone could have a hat when the vote comes.


  6. You know, the Board members could just pay for their own hearing aides.


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