Coliseum: David Hales failed taxpayers!

See part #2 here:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Renner claims the Management Agreement the City had with CIAM was bad.  It was bad, but it was made worse by the David Hales NOT enforcing parts of the contract he easily could have, but choose not to.  The complicit Mayor and Council contributed to a financial disaster for taxpayers.

Yesterday I started making a list of provisions in the agreement David Hales decided weren’t important enough to enforce.  Per the City Code:

mgrconEnforcing all contracts is David Hales’ job.  He failed to do his job.


I found this gem in the contract:colaaaaaaaa

This refers to the same report I printed parts of in this article:

CIAM spent a whole year in court claiming they were a private company and this was proprietary information!

The City had the right to review event reports and make sure the City (TAXPAYERS) received the proper compensation for concessions.  Taxpayers paid for the software that allowed them to do it.  David Hales didn’t do his job!  Hales might have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Mayor and Council did nothing to stop him.

Link to the Contract:  Management Agreement CIAM

Meanwhile, the majority of the City Council lavished David Hales with big raises.  The Council votes to raise Hales salary clearly shows which aldermen serve the City and which ones take their job as your representative seriously:

In 2016 only Alderman Lower voted NO:

2015 – only NO votes were Stearns and Lower:


In 2014, Alderwoman Judy Stearns and Alderman Kevin Lower voted against the Hales raise:

In 2013 only Alderwoman Stearns voted against the huge Hales raise, Lower wasn’t on the Council yet:

2013salAldermen are supposed to represent citizens, not the City.

Obviously many up for election early next year don’t represent the people stuck paying the bills!

Note Jamie Mathy’s vote in 2013 when he served temporarily under appointment by former Mayor Stockton.

Others wanting 4 more years:  Mwilambwe, Fruin, Black, and Painter.

Painter is being challenged by Lupe Diaz.  So far, no other candidates have announced their run.

If others don’t run, taxpayers must enjoy being fleeced.






  1. The Council’s job is to hold its only employee accountable. The irony is, Hales is responsible for enforcing the City’s ordinances. So, he failed their as well.


  2. sticky bean says:

    Others wanting 4 more years: Mwilambwe, Fruin, Black, and Painter.
    “I put head to pillow knowing that her blog has no traction amongst anyone of note.” Alderman Scott Black (7/18/2014)

    Dear Scott, If perhaps you think that I, a common citizen who doesn’t like getting ripped off is not “of note,” then I would like to note to you that you are of note to us that you are just another shitty politician that doesn’t care about the people you claim to represent. Just like your professor mentor, only illusions of grandeur to serve your self interests. Even as you lock up that mass of young IWU student voters you shaft those kids as well with continued higher taxes for them to pay for government to waste. You are a big fake.


    • I put my head to pillow knowing that our town is screwed due to morons like Scott Black in having a voice and vote as an alderman. Lacking any diversity in thought except to tow the liberal party line. Lacking any vision to see the the results of silly proposals and waste of the taxpayers money. Lacking the courage to challenge.


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