Surprise: Bloomington Bills and Payroll

Bills and Payroll posted at 8:53.

See this link for details:

By:  Diane Benjamin

The agenda for tonight’s Council meeting was posted last week.  This item is on the agenda:

billspayrollThis means the Finance Department knows what Bills and Payroll the Council is expected to approve.  They knew this last week!

The actual list is still not posted!

It’s obviously an oversight.

Or, maybe the Council never looks at the list before voting to approve it, so releasing the list is immaterial.

Or, maybe it’s not posted because P-Card spending is included.

The meeting is in less than 11 hours, no rush.






13 thoughts on “Surprise: Bloomington Bills and Payroll

  1. It looks like P-Card spending is up now. I already see business meals for Renner on 8/1, 8/2, 8/5, 8/8, 8/9, 8/19, and 8/26. The one with Koos on 8/1 was $46 at Station 220, and he’s back to his one person business meals on 8/9 – $18.49 at Garlic Press with only himself listed. Hales has several business meals as well: Elroy’s, Jimmy John’s, Station 220..


  2. Was sittin’ at my usual watering hole drinkin’ minding my own bidness and overheard two fellas talking about how the mayor takes his son out for lunch on the taxpayers credit card. Sure wish I could get free lunch. Make mine a double whiskey and water, ha!


    1. The bill for lunch with his son would show up on Bills & Payroll if that happened. It also would be illegal because it is not City business.


  3. Who cares about debating, or “giving consideration to paying…” when the City Codes states, “Chapter 2 : Section 14 : Powers of Council., (b) The Council shall approve for payment all expenses and liabilities of the City of Bloomington.”

    Who needs to debate, or even need a Council to review any “expenses and liabilities” when the Code says, “SHALL APPROVE”. Emphasis mine… Just sayin’.


  4. I also found out you have to go through the city clerk to distribute an email to all council members with one email. And they note that the email will be part of an official public record.


    1. I’m not sure if it has always been the case for emails to the whole council were part of the public record. Alderman Black made the suggestion to do it during the discussion regarding the revision of the public comment ordinance. The suggestion may be part of the new code.


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