What is Bloomington paying tonight?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Eating at your expense and more:

City Council Exp Arkansas Flag And Bann $ 100.96 8/15/2016 Banner pole for use by City Council
City Council Exp Station 220 Inc $ 46.00 8/1/2016 Business lunch T.Renner & C.Koos
City Council Exp Chipotle $ 14.95 8/2/2016 Business lunch T.Renner & M.Mwilambwe
City Council Exp Jims Steakhouse $ 21.85 8/5/2016 Business lunch T.Renner & S.Stockton
City Council Exp Red Lobster $ 31.06 8/8/2016 Business lunch T.Renner & C.Hussain
City Council Exp Garlic Press Cafe $ 18.49 8/9/2016 Business lunch T.Renner
City Council Exp Elroys $ 25.43 8/19/2016 Business lunch T.Renner & D.Hales
City Council Exp Monicals Pizza $ 91.47 8/22/2016 CC meal

(Is the food added to the employees W-2 as additional compensation?)

City Council Exp Rosie’s Pub $ 60.50 8/26/2016 Business lunch T.Renner, F.McSwain & F.Butcher

Professional Develop Government Finance $ 925.00 8/3/2016 Training Reg – M.Hon
Professional Develop IEDC Online $ 960.00 8/12/2016 IEDC Conference Reg – D.Hales
Professional Develop IL Municipal League $ 310.00 8/18/2016 IML Reg – D.Hales

Professional Dev Jimmy John’s $ 16.00 8/9/2016 Business lunch D.Hales & D.Sage
Professional Dev Jimmy John’s $ 9 .45 8/15/2016 Business meal for S.Friedman with Admin
Professional Dev Marcos Pizza $ 22.49 8/17/2016 Working lunch – Admin – Finance – Legal
Professional Dev Jewel $ 19.95 8/18/2016 Office beverages
Professional Dev Jimmy John’s $ 22.38 8/25/2016 Business lunch D.Hales & J.Connolly
Professional Dev Station 220 Inc $ 32.50 8/29/2016 Business lunch D.Hales & County Board Member C.Robustelli

(Why is somebody meeting with Robustelli every month and buying his food?  Other than he’s a democrat)

Another Consultant:



Buy Local?

buylocalLooks like a FOIA:

venuworksLegal – Springfield:

sorl1 sorl2

HR – Audit?


County Health:


More Legal:

morelegalEven More Legal:

moreleg2Coliseum Audit:

bronnercolBronner also received $11,632.50 for the same work description in July:  https://blnnews.com/2016/07/22/more-tari-eating-by-himself/

I wonder if a CPA firm is doing an audit when Bronner finishes their audit?



I had hope that members of this group were taught the law – especially FOIA law since requests go through the clerk.   From their website, it doesn’t look like it:  https://mci.iml.org/






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