Tari on WJBC (wiggling)

By:  Diane Benjamin

If Tari isn’t doing anything wrong with the Liquor Commission, like violating the Open Meetings Act, why did he fire the other commissioners and declare himself Liquor King?

Remember when former Alderwoman Judy Stearns filed an Open Meetings Act violation against the City for Renner and Hales actions in an Executive Session?  Tari went on a media blitz calling her every name he could get by with saying publicly – including ridiculous.  More than two years later the Attorney General’s office found him GUILTY!

Tari is doing the same dog and pony show now.  He was on WJBC yesterday – Listen below.

Tari claims the other Commissioners are immaterial because his opinion is the only one that matters.  I pulled the minutes of a past random meeting – October 13, 2015.  Tari wasn’t present, the meeting was called to order by then Commissioner Tompkins.

So who will conduct meetings you can’t attend Mayor?  You fired the other commissioners!

See the 10/13/15 minutes here:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=9602

If the Liquor Commission operates differently from all other boards and commissions, why do the minutes look just like every other groups?  Roll was called and votes were taken.  “Commission” has no meaning considering the Cultural District, Fire and Police, Historic Preservation, etc are all called “Commission”.  Are they exempt from the Open Meetings Act too?

The Attorney General will continue to violate their own laws to rule within 60 days.  Even giving themselves a 21 day extension they still will be in violation.  Tari will continue to declare anything he doesn’t agree with ‘much ado about nothing”.  Maybe years from now the AG will issue a ruling.  If the AG had ruled in a timely manner when the first violation was filed, it would never have gotten to this point.

One untruth was expressed during the interview.  Tari claimed the City ordinances support his claims.  NO they don’t, or he wouldn’t have tried to change them back in August:  https://blnnews.com/2016/09/27/tari-proves-hes-unfit-to-serve/

The truth is Tari wanted more money.  He tried to fleece bar owners and video gaming machine owners.  The City was already getting a ton of Food and Beverage taxes and Video Gaming taxes which they had to do nothing to collect.  Tari’s GREED put him in his current situation.  Nobody rolled over for him – they fought back.



6 thoughts on “Tari on WJBC (wiggling)

  1. Open government Tari is having those conversations in a open and public forum. What are you afraid of? It isn’t brain surgery. If it is much ado about nothing mayor, then why is the change needed in the first place? BLN News is right, it’s your way of brushing your OMA violations under the rug.

  2. Tari says @ 13:22 you can send it to me at 104 E. Front St. City Hall, 61701, last I checked City Hall is at 109 E. Olive St. So according to Google Maps 104 E. Front St. is actually Rosie’s pub dining area!

    1. Well there ya have it. Him and his son eats there so often on the taxpayers dime that he thinks its his home.

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