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By:  Diane Benjamin

See this previous post for a link to the WJBC interview:

Tari took Alderman Jim Fruin’s advice and asked citizens to mail their health insurance plan summary to him.  MAIL?

Seriously, who mails anything!  Okay, for the few of the computer challenged, put a copy in the mail to him.

The rest of you can email a copy:  [email protected]

Copy your alderman so they realize this is a serious issue.  Get their email addresses here:

Copy Alderman Fruin too so he sees the responses, he’s the one forcing the issue:  [email protected]

Tari made it sound like the City didn’t know if their plans were “Cadillac”.  The issue wouldn’t have come up if the City plans weren’t Cadillac.  Did Tari forget the discussion last year about the City being subject to a 40% “Cadillac” tax? See this story:

Lucky for taxpayers, implementation got delayed again by Feds.  Thank ObamaCare for that gem.

This issue is totally up to citizens.  If you like paying for superior health insurance for government employees, do nothing.

If you need more motivation, see this story:

The City email addresses may be fixed.  Did you know emails sent to the entire Council were being monitored by numerous other staff?  The City didn’t hire a Communications Director to actually communicate!

I wonder if they are still being monitored anyway?





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