Seriously Kyle Ham?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local (don’t question) paper is reporting the Enterprise Zone for parts of Bloomington, Normal, McLean County, Ford County and Gibson City has been approved by the State of Illinois.

This will allow for a variety of tax breaks for businesses in the zone and those wanting to locate there.  Mitsubishi closing probably helped it get approved.

Destihl is already building a $14.5 million dollar facility that is NOT in the Zone.  Kyle Ham, CEO of the EDC (Economic Development Council) is petitioning the State in include their facility so they can get a tax break on building materials.

Is Destihl going to cancel the project if they aren’t included Kyle?  Not likely since they started building without any tax breaks!  The Enterprise Zone was just papers on some bureaucrats desk in Springfield when this private business decided to expand.

It really takes a very special kind of stupid to want tax breaks for people who obviously didn’t need them to start the project and never planned on getting any benefits from the then non-existent enterprise zone.

Stop giving away revenue to your buddies dude – the rest of us are tired of paying for your foolishness.

Maybe you and Tari Renner can take an Econ 101 course together.  Work your way up to Econ 102.

Equality must not be as important as preached.  How about everybody gets to pay lower or no sales tax?





  1. Here is the most recent history of the Enterprise Zone. Normal made the request for the EZ to be expanded to include the location of the new Destihl Brewery. I agree that Destihl would have expanded without incentive but Koos probably wanted it located in Normal.


  2. page 208 in the packet.


  3. Destihl probably located in Normal because the building that they are in probably best served their purpose plus rent or buy considerations etc. There are many successful businesses that do it without any financial assistance from government. To include them after the fact is just giving taxpayer money away.


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