Is Karen Schmidt trying to hide her liberal?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Most people who care enough about  political candidates to put a sign in their yard want to make sure everybody sees the signs.

Isn’t that the purpose of having signs?

Maybe there is a sign thief in the neighborhood, so she doesn’t want them too obvious.  I remember Kevin Lower’s signs disappeared the last time he ran.

County Board member Carlo Robustelli lives down the street, I hear his signs look just like Schmidt’s.

Are Schmidt’s and Robustelli’s sign’s out in the open where people driving by will obviously notice them?

Sent by a reader:

Just a little farther back and the bushes can cover them! 

Karen, are you hiding your support or embarrassed?



15 thoughts on “Is Karen Schmidt trying to hide her liberal?

  1. All I can say is looking at those bushes, the unkept landscaping and the burgundy and gray painting scheme is yuck, what an eyesore! But it’s her house, her choice, just yuck.

    1. I’m a huge conservative trump supporter. I follow the teachings of Germany in the 1930’s. I love grabbing women by the pussy!!! Yup thats what I always did to my sister lol lol lol!!! Loves Ya diane!!

      1. No Diane. I hate that liberal scumbag Bill Clinton. Trump is our only hope to save the white race in this country and rid ourselves of all these criminal illegals. 1488 MAGA!! Grab em by the Pussy!!!

      2. Diane you’re really calling me a liberal?!?! I always suspected you being a cuck globalist rino. This just confirms it. You don’t care at all about preserving the white race. Germany in the 1930’s is the society me as a hard-core conservative Christian strive for. MAGA 1488. Grab em by the Pussy!

  2. Encouraging your deplorables to stalk city officials now? Really Diane? That’s pretty low, even for you. Not to mention downright creepy.

    Your life is much sadder than I could have ever imagined.

      1. Hahahaha! Love the troll who doesn’t realize you can see his/her URL when they post! I thought at first it might be Tari…but something tells me his ego wouldn’t let him post anonymously!

  3. Liberal, caring, socialism, let’s help people K. Schmidt. Supporting warmongering, the Clinton Foundation ripoff Hillary is about as hypocritical as one can get.

  4. Karen is a social justice warrior. But yet backs Hillary who demeaned innocent women who were groped, raped and assaulted by Bill Clinton.

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