Poll Watching Mike Madigan’s Precinct

This story is from 2012. I participated in poll watching Mike Madigan’s precinct for the primary election. YES – voter fraud DOES exist in Illinois, I witnessed it.


by Diane Benjamin

We are finally able to release this report.  Acorn like groups are suing people trying to insure election integrity, so we had to make sure it wasn’t going to happen to us.  Even though the story doesn’t mention it, all the volunteers were members of the TEA Party.  This video is a MUST watch

InsIde Mike Madigan’s 22nd District Voting Machine

Hannah_IhmsBy Hannah Ihms –

What’s inside Mike Madigan Democratic Party Voting Machine? I met some cogs and found some loose washers when I pollwatched in his district during this year’s Illinois primary.

140 of us volunteered in a Team 200 Project sponsored by the Illinois Election Integrity Initiative, John Reeves, and the Republican Renaissance PAC. Our goal was to ensure ballot integrity by watching the election process. As Carol Davis from the Illinois Election Integrity Initiative points out, “[I]f our vote doesn’t have integrity behind it…

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