Watch out after dark downtown!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The email below was written by the now fired VenuWorks Executive Director.  It was received under the Freedom of Information Act.

coliseumdarkThe City of Bloomington heavily redacted tons of other emails, so this is all the information available.

If walking at night from the Coliseum is dangerous for female employees, how safe is the general public?

This email can be found on page 21:  0916jrnlb_redacted

The document is 164 pages of mostly redacted emails.  Emails about purchasing carts for the Coliseum, which has already happened, are redacted.  Evidently Bloomington wants to pretend that taxpayers don’t have a right to know what was said.

If they want to keep secrets instead of being transparent, I am forced to print only what’s available.

Keep in mind the Coliseum is a gun free zone, you aren’t allowed to protect yourself.






4 thoughts on “Watch out after dark downtown!

  1. 1. I wonder if the city is going to get charged for the colloquial trip to Panera bread on 9/29/16 with Patti, Brittany, Leslie, Jon, et al. I’ll have to come back and check the sandwich rolls when you post them next month.

    2. Leslie is involved in EVERYTHING!!! Good thing she has all those degrees. Jeez, it takes six people to make a decision. At least in public works they actually get a product when that many heads get together.

    3. The director of finance at the coliseum was an accounting intern a little over 14 months ago. That’s good for business.

    4. Did I mention Leslie has a lot of degrees? 🙂


  2. Bloomington’s Council and Mayor want a big city feel. The “perks” are part of the deal. Females walking alone to their cars at night is always dangerous especially in a deserted area of downtown.


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