Bikers have rights (and a death wish)

By:  Diane Benjamin

On January 1st bicycles in Illinois will be considered vehicles under a new law:

House Bill 5912 amends the state’s vehicle code to assign the same right-of-way privileges to cyclists that car drivers have. In essence, it clarifies that bicycles are vehicles.

Saturday I saw three bikers on Route 9 about eight miles east of Bloomington.  (55 miles per hour and hilly)

Bikers have been seen on Veterans Parkway.  (45 miles per hour – maybe)

Even though millions have been spent on bike paths north and south of Bloomington-Normal, those pesky bikers only ride where they want to.

Next year car drivers will be blamed and held accountable for hitting a bicycle.  Motorcycles can’t be easily seen, but at least they keep up with traffic.

Bikes will be almost invisible.

The ensuing carnage will match Illinois government.

If bikes are vehicles, they need to be licensed before January 1.

Want money government?

Cars cost $101, shouldn’t all “vehicles” be the same?



16 thoughts on “Bikers have rights (and a death wish)

  1. After leaving work late the other night a biker decided it was ok to speed around me. No lights or anything on his bike. I was in the left lane turning onto Veterans. Had I of changed lanes he would most likely be dead. Very scary.


  2. I have a hybrid car, since it may be in electrical mode, bikes can’t hear me coming. Since B-N governments want more bikes on the road and since they also want more electrically operated vehicles even more carnage may occur.


  3. What about the roads that have minimum speed limits? How is that going to work? I guess we’ll just have to call in the slow pokes.


  4. Bicyclists should be required to get a DL as well as be of driving age. No kiddies riding bikes anymore due to age. They should be taking the RULES OF THE ROAD tests just like car drivers. No more having to slam on brakes when a bicyclist blows a stop sign either. They obey the rules or get moving violations just like us. They want their cake and eat it to they are going to have to OBEY the law.


    1. Yeah! Bicyclists should at least ALL have adequate lighting that a vehicle (traveling at a higher rate of speed up 70 mph) can see at a distance and have license plates so that they can be identified and called in when they disobey the laws of the road. Also those bikes should be inspected on a yearly basis as well. Yeah make ’em pass a test and get a license too. Renewal every three years.


  5. I was hit by a car on a bike at the age of nine. Very severe head injury.Car drivers fault, just for clarification. So okay they pass a law, my point in all of this is no matter who’s fault, in the outcome, the car’s driver is going to get the blame and probably sued too boot. I would encourage folks get dash cams and bikers get helmet cams. Please note that I said HELMET. This must be in the law or else some idiots will be riding on I-55 just for doing it.


  6. The cyclists I see on Veterans obviously look like they’re going somewhere, sometimes in a fast food uniform, meaning they probably HAVE to be there…trying to get to work. It’s unfortunate, but some people can’t afford car. THAT’s why we need to make sure all of our citizens are safe and have laws to protect them. AND, yes, they should follow all the rules, like lighting, signaling, and stopping. And so should all car drivers.


    1. Cyclists have no business riding on Veteran’s Parkway. There are semi-trucks going 45 mph. There are frontage roads that cyclists can use. There has been an increase of bicycle riders on south Veteran’s because Connect Transit no longer provides bus service west of south Main Street. Last I checked, IDOT roads were for motor vehicles which had to travel at a minimum speed limit. Those who didn’t can be ticketed. Traveling on a roadway requires some common sense.


  7. Does this ALSO mean they MUST follow ALL the rules of the road?? i.e.: a COMPLETE stop at ALL signs, minimum speeds, yielding to oncoming traffic, etc.?? Is their ticket/violation cost the SAME as a traffic ticket?? CAN they be ticketed a HIGHER fee speeding in a work/school zone?? Points to ponder.


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