Bloomington: Check your assessment!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I helped a friend do research on property values last week.  Many houses in her neighborhood have sold in the last year and the selling prices have dropped dramatically.

I don’t know why the values are decreasing, but owners can not be forced to keep paying taxes on a value the house could never sell for now.  Look at the assessment you recently got in the mail.  Multiple the assessment by 3.33 – that supposedly represents the value of your house.

District 87 has plans to raise the tax rate for next year, your taxes will be going up.

Illinois property taxes are already among the highest in the country.  Government isn’t looking out for you – so you have to look out for yourself!

Property information is available on the County website.  A protest can easily be won if houses in your neighborhood are selling for less than they would have in prior years.

Fight back!  If you need help, email me:  [email protected]





5 thoughts on “Bloomington: Check your assessment!

  1. I do not agree with you that a protest can be “easily” won with proper documentation. In 2012 and 2014 I protested my assessment with documented sales in my neighborhood. Houses sold at 30-50K less than my assessment were included. If fact, a house across the street from me sold in forclousure for 50% of my assessment, but I still received the denial form letter. They may as well give me the form letter and a tube of K-Y Lubricant as I leave their downtown office for as much good as the appeal process does. Talking to Steve Scudder does no good….he is accustomed to push back. This year my assessed value has increased by 7.81% and if I could sell my house for what they say the “fair cash vlaue” is, I would. I’ve lived in BLM since 1964 and never thought I would consider leaving, but the last few years has changed my mind. If I could move, I would. Protesting my assessment is like voting….it does no good, but it does make me feel better. FYI, I agree 100% with the recent unsigned letter you received and appreciate your work to uncover political incompetence.


        1. Talk to your alderman and then a lawyer. Mike Madigan makes his living getting taxes cut for his cronies. If you are over assessed, your neighbors probably are too. Threatening a lawsuit goes a long way, following through with one even further.


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