More on Stanford’s actions-ILLEGAL

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this previous story:

The presentation by Brad Hinch for demolition of the property at 310 N Kathleen Street took place at the meeting held on 6/16/16.  The vote to hire Hinch took place later in the same meeting:


That vote was illegal!

According to the Illinois Open Meetings Act, no action can be taken on items not on the agenda.  See the 6/16/16 Agenda here:

The presentation by Hinch is NOT listed on the agenda.  Not being on the agenda isn’t illegal.  Voting on accepting the Hinch proposal was illegal since the pending vote wasn’t listed on the agenda. 

The vote is illegal not only because it violates the Open Meetings Act, it’s illegal because no other company that may have wanted to bid was ever notified of a vote or given the opportunity to bid.

The only mention of this property is listed under:

Legal – Mark McGrath, Attorney

It does not say anything but:

  •  Nuisance Properties
  • 407 W. Boundary (hold)
  • 310 N. Kathleen demolition
  • 408 S. Division (trees)


The illegal vote was evidently condoned by the Attorney representing Stanford – Mark McGrath.  But, maybe since he was absent he wasn’t told this would happen.

Note:  N. Owen abstained from voting.  I wonder why?  Refer to previous story!

The taxpayers of Stanford should be outraged that laws in your City don’t matter!

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