For WJBC and Scott Laughlin

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since Scott Laughlin thinks the election will be decided in the SUPREME COURT if no candidate receives the majority of the electoral college vote:

See Article II of the US Constitution:

. . . and if there be more than one who have such Majority, and have an equal Number of Votes, then the House of Representatives shall immediately chose by Ballot one of them for President . . .

The Supreme Court only got involved in Bush v Gore to end the fiasco which was the Florida Election.  Just to make that clear, many people recounted the Florida vote and Bush won.  No recounts showed Gore won.

Scott, what could get fun is the House picking the candidate.  The establishment Republicans hate their candidate.  Republicans control the House.  Are they stupid enough to choose Hillary just because they don’t want Trump?

Media needs to get a copy of the Constitution and actually read it.




5 thoughts on “For WJBC and Scott Laughlin

  1. Ive never bean more exited for an electin durin my 87 ears of life. We are finaly on the verg of electin a Presidant that actualy cures about the merican Peoples. Dis counry has bean on the rong tracks ever since we betrayd consayvative icon Adoph Hitler. Hitler would’ve meade this world grite by wipin out all the jews! Sieg Hiel. We’ve must protec the White Race and Donald J. Trump will do tha by putting mooslims in concantration cumps. Heil Trump! 1488. Kill all Rhinos!

  2. Let me get a nize bigly SIEG HEIL from all mine whight nationalizts from Luves ya Diane. Let’s protect our Whight race!

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