Private is ALWAYS better!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I remember great angst from the Council during discussion on privatizing garbage in Bloomington.  Even citizens wanted government service because private wouldn’t be as good.  Seriously?  Private MUST succeed because it’s their money at risk.  Government has no incentive to provide the best service at the best price because they DON’T have to.  Look for more increases next year.

Here’s proof private is better:

I have private service.  They never miss the appointed day, unless it’s a holiday.  They never make a mess dumping my garbage can.  When both of my kids left home and the volume went to tiny, they reduced my bill.

This email was recently sent to customers to explain the holiday schedule:

repCompare their holiday policy to the City of Bloomington.

The City sent this email yesterday:

garMy service will run double routes the day after a holiday.  Bloomington will pay their drivers how much to work on Thanksgiving?  Double time?  More?  Of course, at your expense.

My service wants their employees to spend time with their families.

Obviously Bloomington doesn’t.






4 thoughts on “Private is ALWAYS better!

  1. A long standing policy for the Bloomington garbage crews is that if they finish their route in less than 8 hours they still get paid for 8 and can go home. Or, they can work in another department and collect overtime.

    I doubt that happens on the privately operated routes.


  2. As I recall, slashing overtime was one of the cost savings to close the $7.4M structural deficit. Maybe since there is a surplus due to the 1% sales tax increase, there is no concern to keep spending under control.


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