More from last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Joni Painter proved she isn’t fit to serve on the Council.  During alderman comments she read a statement about changing the speed limits on Hershey Road.  Hit play below.  Painter said she started talking about the speed issue in May 2014.  It took her almost three years to get a Council vote during a time when numerous accidents occurred between GE Road and Route 9?  Joni evidently hasn’t noticed people are sick of politicians who have to read prepared statements.  She must not be capable of speaking coherent sentences without reading them.  Add her voting record (I will publish before the election), and Ward 5 needs new representation!

Keep watching when Painter finishes, Karen Schmidt, David Hales, and Tari Renner (“democracy” again!) attempt to deflect the flack she is evidently getting.  COMPLETE STREETS comes up.  The biggest reason to dump most of this Council is Complete Streets.  The City wants to run a social experiment putting walkers, bikes, buses and cars on the same streets.  The cost is MUCH higher than just fixing the streets and Complete Streets will make driving more difficult and dangerous.  Ask the candidates about multi-modal transportation.  It means your freedom to drive on safe roads doesn’t exist!

Hit play below – the video starts with Renner mentioning “democracy” again as the Black Lives Matter crowd starts to chant “No Justice No Peace”.

Go to 1:53:10 to hear Kevin Lower ask Tari Renner how he would vote on the substation if he could – then hear Renner refuse to answer.

Another frequently mentioned topic last night was the 1/4% Sales Tax increase for mental health.  Many patted themselves on the back for making the tough decision to increase taxes with elections coming up.  Scott Black was one of them.  Buragas was another.  Others may have mentioned it too.

They failed to mention the Sales Tax wasn’t increased 1/4% – it went up 1%.  Question these candidates on why 1% when only 1/4% was needed for mental health.  Because Normal wanted 1% is not an acceptable answer.

See the 1% Tax increase discussion here from September 21, 2015:

This was the vote:







4 thoughts on “More from last night

  1. THIS is exactly WHAT I have been saying ALL along, Joni is NOT fit to be a council person. When she was “canvassing” our neighborhood LASt election, I met her in the yard and she shook my hand-it was like flipping a dead fish-now THAt says a LOT about a her there
    HEY! I’m ALL FOR complete streets as MANY of them are missing MAJOR components that have been taken over by potholes like the one @ G.E. and Airport in the turn lane going N to W


  2. Interesting that Renner mentioned how he does not want to hear from consultants on this issue. Why does Bloomington then continue to spend large sums of money each month on consultants then?


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