Representative Republic – NOT Democracy

By:  Diane Benjamin

I hope the Political Science Professor Mayor of Bloomington isn’t teaching the kids at IWU that we live in a democracy.  He and others mentioned “democracy” numerous times at the City Council meeting last night.  Democracy is mob rule, if we were a democracy the Council wouldn’t have voted to approve the police substation for the west side.  This pic is from the video and shows the opposition the Council voted against.  I can’t tell what the signs say.

demoWhile I RARELY agree with Alderman Scott Black, he gave an eloquent speech stating his reasons for supporting the substation.  Just hit play below to hear his comments.  Note – he wasn’t reading his comments, they were from his heart.

Scott is up for election in April, his opponent, Sonny Garcia, was in the audience for the opposition.  Public Comment time limits didn’t allow Garcia to speak, but he opposed it (from other interviews he has done).  Black received 447 votes of the 744 cast in Ward 7 in 2013.  The April election is going to be interesting.

Public Comment consisted of some substation supporters and a long line of protestors.  To hear the comments start the video at the beginning.


5 thoughts on “Representative Republic – NOT Democracy

  1. I’m trying to figure out who initiated the idea to have this police location. It sounds like Mid Central Community Action offered up the site. Was the city looking for one or did the Mid Central Community Action group see some need? Whichever it was, it seems like Mid Central Community Action has had little or nothing to say, at least since the publicity started.


  2. I agree with BLM on a lot of items. However, as a long-time resident of this neighborhood, I believe the BPD additional presence is a great idea. I think BLM is misguided on using this as a platform. There are serious safety issues in this neighborhood and the violence often affects Black Lives. Perhaps BLM members could volunteer at the house? Just some random thoughts. Scott Black’s comments were great.


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