WJBC: ISU/Central Catholic Facts matter

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday WJBC read the Melanie Spellmeyer-ISU-Central Catholic update story on my website.  They read the original story too, but never reported on it.  The story only became important to them when Dan Brady got involved.  It probably helped that his funeral home advertises on WJBC.

See their story here:  HERE

Totally lost in the story is the kids that were threatened by Melanie Spellmeyer.  The WJBC angle focuses on Dan Brady.  Of course they never mentioned where they got the story.

This morning it got worse when the 2 morning hosts discussed the story.  Scott Laughlin acted like he only knew what WJBC is reporting, Patti Penn blamed the kids – they had to have done something bad to be told they can’t wear Trump apparel.  Maybe Patti is biased since her kids go to U-High.

Patti:  The kids were there to cheer their girl’s team to a State Championship.  The kids did nothing wrong.  Do you have Trump Derangement Syndrome too?

Facts matter to WJBC, but only the facts the elected and their advertisers tell them.

Yes the clueless live among us – unfortunately they are the local media.






4 thoughts on “WJBC: ISU/Central Catholic Facts matter

  1. I wonder if the psychological field will come out with a new phobia named after Trump. Seems people want to fight about Trump even on the airlines. Honestly I’ve never seen hostility like we are seeing now. Maybe just my observation but it seems the younger generation gets all emotional about this. My generation we don’t seem as drastic. I know myself I could care less if I saw someone showing up supporting someone on a tee shirt.

    I know in the school districts if a student comes to school wearing something offensive or could create conflict they can be asked to remove it or go back home. Now that I can see as being okay for safety reason.

    I could see where ISU would have standing if they had posted rules but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Then again one never knows what could happen in today’s explosive political arena. Yeah I could see fist fights and violence taking place. It could get ugly,

    1. Half of the country despised the lawlessness and senseless spending under Obama. I don’t remember anybody acting like babies because of it. We voted out whoever supported him. The current babies can’t win at the ballot box, so they throw temper tantrums instead. Yes it will get ugly.

  2. I”m still smoldering over the way Lockland vilified Pres.Trump every day before the election. Does anybody know off hand Lockland’s email addr?

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