The Council forced me!

Tomorrow I’m back, for one story!

The unbelievable Bloomington City Council tonight is forcing me to report.

(and all you supporters!)


7 thoughts on “The Council forced me!

  1. Of course you have the delete button. That’s to delete anyone who doesn’t think exactly like you and sycophantically agree with your every word. Why exactly do you have this blog on the internet? It’s very apparent that you have the blog to grind your personal axes. Your threaten to “quit” because people aren’t “paying” you to write your nonsense. How many more months are you going to write before you threaten quit again? Haters? So anyone who does not agree with you is a “hater”. Wow. Someone has an exaggerated sense of persecution Diane.


    1. Since I haven’t posted a comment from you in a long time – I will this one. Yes, haters do exist. I could post all the vile comments, including references to satan, but I opted to delete them instead. Sorry, people are willing to pay for REAL NEWS instead of government media. You lose again!


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