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Today’s medical update:  The doctors are amazed at my husband’s progress the last 48 hours.  He is wide awake, off the ventilator and only on Tylenol for pain.  He knows who we are and is trying to talk – even though he isn’t suppose to yet.  Three days ago the medical staff wasn’t sure he was going to survive.  Yes, prayer works.


Yes, tonight’s City Council agenda is filled with many costly items but what is bothering me is what is not listed on the agenda.
As reported in the Pantagraph, Michael Gorman, co-chairman of policy and infrastructure for the advocacy group Bike BloNo, will request the Council to consider amending the Bicycle Master Plan of 2013 to include East Washington Street, a major east/west arterial in Founder’s Grove by adding bike lanes on both sides of the street. Who is allowed to propose policy changes?
“Aldermen will consider whether to ask city staff to evaluate the merits of having Washington Street corridor for bicycles.” “No action will be taken BUT Council will consider moving forward with amendment.”

Link to Pantagraph

Mr. Gorman, a Renner appointee to MCRPC, received permission from Mr. Hales, also a member of the MCRPC Executive Committee, to have Public Works apply temporary “chalk paint, pop-up bicycle paths” on both sides of Washington Street without Council consideration. The apparent purpose is to get a one-week, real-life experience of what it would be like to travel on East Washington Street with CT buses, School Buses, cars and School children using the same space at the same time prior to public comment and Council approval. Keep in mind, Washington Street was chosen as a CT Bus route for the exact reason it is a major arterial road. Multi-modal does not mean putting all types of transportation on the same street at the same time. Multi-modal is part of “Complete Streets” which is incorporated in the City’s “Comprehensive Plan.” If you so desire, you can review video recordings of the meetings on the City website.

Comprehensive Plan: Passed in August 2015

Click to access 1440622118_66353.pdf

Executive Committee MCRPC: Notice, Mr. Buragas is VP of the Committee.

Bicycle Master Plan: Note the members of the Steering Committee

Given the makeup of the new Council, the inter-relationship with members of MCRPC and extensive campaign support for re-election of the Mayor, there is no doubt the amendment will be approved. If one “connected” Council member can influence the routing of trucks through the city, what else would one expect?





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  1. I’m sick of the bike lanes – I notice there is a bike shop RIGHT next to that Green Top Scam as well

    1. That bike shop is not even a new company to the City. The shop used to be located on Empire near the Constitution Trail.

      1. I did not notice that, I know which one you mean too. makes me wonder if some of the Green Top begging helped that along as well.

      2. Ronin-the Gingerbread House toy store also moved from their previous location. Now we have two new empty storefronts. I believe the Foundry mall got property tax rebates while Green Top is getting sales tax rebates.

  2. Thank the doctors, not God. God had nothing to do with your husband getting better, the doctors did.

    1. Hoover-doctors can only do so much. Even they were amazed at the recovery. There are forces beyond comprehention at work in this situation. For Diane, that force is God. Prayer is a powerful thing.

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