FOIA goes unanswered

By:  Diane Benjamin

I sent this FOIA request to the City of Bloomington on March 27th:

I am requesting the following information under the Freedom of Information Act:

The following documents have disappeared from the website.  They consist of Agendas and Packets:  10/24/16  10/24/16  10/24/16 10/24/16  10/17/16  10/17/16  10/10/16  10/10/16 10/10/16 10/10/16  9/26/16  9/26/16  9/26/16  9/26/16  9/26/16  9/19/16  9/19/16  9/19/16  9/19/16  12/19/16  9/12/16  9/12/16  9/12/16  9/12/16

I do not need copies of these documents if the links on the website get fixed.


More than 1 month later –

none of these links have been fixed.

I have received NOTHING from the City saying why.

Very transparent Tari!

More links may not work, I haven’t tested them all.

Do I have to sue you again to get the public’s documents?


4 thoughts on “FOIA goes unanswered

  1. Very odd that these meeting packets are no longer on the website. The videos and minutes are available although those don’t provide background information. Very rude that you were given no response to your request.


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