I don’t make this stuff up!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Common sense doesn’t exist when government makes decisions.  They don’t have a right to your money to enact their Utopian plans of progress that does nothing but throw your money away.  This country wasn’t founded for government, it was founded so individuals could chart their own course.

Sadly government has taken away your right to run your own life!

Think Connect Transit.  Budgeting a loss of $12 million a year just to claim an award-winning transit system is beyond ridiculous.  Personal responsibility has been replaced by government must take care of people because they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves.  The fastest way to demand personal responsibility is quit creating dependence on government.

I can hear the progressives now!  People wouldn’t be able to get to work and school without Connect Transit.  That is a lie repeated over and over to make people dependent.  People have always been resilient when challenged and most  find themselves much better off without government determining their life for them.

This story spells out why Connect Transit needs to be abolished:   http://www.newgeography.com/content/005596-reason-1-end-transit-subsidies-it-s-most-costly-transportation-we-have


The National Transit Database says agencies spent more than $64 billion in 2015 yet collected less than $16 billion in fares. They carried about 55 billion passenger miles, for an average cost of $1.15 per passenger mile, of which 87 cents was subsidized. No other major mode of passenger transportation is anywhere near this expensive.

Transit is expensive because it is subsidized. Lacking any need to keep costs within revenues, transit agencies spend way too much money accomplishing far too little. It is time to stop all transportation subsidies, but as the most-heavily subsidized form of transportation, transit should be the priority.

There’s that common sense again.

Too bad nobody in McLean County government has any.

Thanks to a reader for sending me this story!

41 thoughts on “I don’t make this stuff up!

  1. Having public transportation is the government “determining” peoples lives? That’s hilarious. People are “resilient” and walking miles makes them “free”?


  2. Thank you Diane for this post. I am also very thankful to God for your husband’s recovery.

    If so called Conservatives do not give up their dependency on government, vouchers, grants, rebates, programs, then we will be doomed to a socialistic/communistic government which will be FULLY in place.


    1. By cheap you mean 20 X more than a two way bus fare? Right. How is a part time worker at Walmart selling you whatever it takes to be futurist supposed to afford that?Your generous tips? Plus, Larry, Uber IS regulated by the government: background checks, terms to operate in a community, etc.


      1. Well Bob thanks for another fine representation of your continuing challenged mentality. Equating part time jobs as some semblance of what people can afford. Ya see Bob, back before your hero Bill Clinton sign NAFTA back in the 80’s many more people had full time jobs that paid well enough for them to buy a home, own a car, etc., and most importantly take care of themselves. Part time jobs were for kids and those suplimenting their incomes. But again thanks to the regressive progressives the good old USA is becoming a thirld world nation finely copying the Communist ideology. Yes Bob, your socilalism is Communism. Get on your bikes and ride Bob. RIde to the library and go back in the stacks to read some history before the local libturds remove it all and rewrite it all to further their propaganda.


  3. I can’t believe what I am reading. ARe they closing? A cutomer told me about yr web page today. I am a single mother. This is importunt to me to get my daugher to drs office. and for me to get to work What am I supposed to do? I can’t afford a car! This is an importunt service! My taxes pay for parks and cops & fire. Why not also this public service ? Does everthing have to make money?


    1. You poor thing. Hey get on your bike and ride! It’s the new thing. Contact the City they pick up lost and stolen bikes all the time and there is a program to make sure you get a free one. Get one for the kid too. I hate to be a smartie pants but it’s the plan for all of us for the future anyway so you might as well get used to it.


    2. Susie, the main problem with local CT is the management. Large empty buses that cost a fortune to run is not wise or sustainable. Public transportation is in place for those in your position but public funds need to be used carefully. Your taxes will increase in order to pay for these losses, which will result in less spending money for you.


    3. You’re a single mother with one dependent, can’t afford a car, your typing is horrible and you can’t spell. #1 – I think this is a fake post, #2 – whatever taxes you are paying, you probably get all of your income taxes back. #3 – not all things make money, but the tremendous losses that Connect Transit would proably buy you and many other poor folks a “free” car. #4 – I’m just not feelin’ it for ya. * This is a tremondous waste of money and you’re a fool to dismiss it.


  4. Here’s the irony in the transit system: Tari & his man love Koos keep funding the transit system & calling it great while the other side of their faces have started marking up the streets with bike paths & starting programs to rent bikes saying that bikes are the future. So if bikes are the future and the way people want to go why are tax dollars being burned by the transit system let all the little old ladies with walkers ride bikes to the grocery store! so stupid are the progressives


  5. For you self-professing Christ followers, your attitude towards low income, masked in your disdain for government waste, is on full display. Bigots.

    “poor folks”, like it’s a disease. SMH.


    1. The (attitude) is towards government wasting the tax dollars of ALL citizens and rewarding same to cronyism. No particular group of people has EVER been singled out on this website! You yourself are exploiting the toil of the poor to excuse mismanagement and wasteful spending by our local government. Further, your attempt to bring Christianity into the issue is quite pathetic. Excusing the evil of con artists and the crooks (who call themselves public servants) that rip off the poor is not in our DNA. Unfortunately for you, your DNA seems to limit your mental ability to recognize the true problem here or you are just a Renner troll. I wouln’t be surprised, he’s courted the method for years.


    1. If I were a bettin’ man, I’d bet that the “R” stands for Rabbit, as in Silly Rabbit. But just the same Susie it’s time you think about and accept bikes in your life. Local government says so.


  6. ” it is a mental illness that people think government is helping anybody”

    I know the nature of this site is to dive off into snarky retorts and one up-manship in online argumentation, so I’ll try and avoid that.

    However, do you even know anything about mental illness? I do, I work with them weekly. Your assertion couldn’t be further from the factual or philosophical truth.

    Government can and does help. That’s why it was formed, by God. If you truly think it does zero good in and of itself, then why would Jesus direct us to render unto Caesar? Paul in Romans 13 said earthly authorities were introduced by God and disobeying them is akin to disobeying God.

    You can rail against waste, stupidity, and fraud justifiably. My point is it’s wrong to throw low income populations under the bus because the bus is an extremely poorly designed and managed system.


    1. Much of government is waste fraud and abuse. Complete the Jesus story – he made that comment in response to the “church leaders” of the day trying to trick him. God created man free, not to be ruled by those who limit and destroy freedom.

      If you believe people must use buses you are wrong. The buses just eliminate the need to find their own way.


    2. Well I scroll down and I see this. You are correct Silly Rabbit that the bus system is poorly designed and mismanaged. I missed that. My bad. But again I must call you out. Above you said that government was formed by God? Holy Toledo man, are you nuts? Never heard of that one! Seriously what are you trying to make people think? Sounds like that if God formed it, it must be good. You are beyond Silly,,,Rabbit! In the future you can easily avoid the snarky retorts and one-ups by not making silly arguments. Lol, but still your bs needs to be corrected.


      1. Have you ever read a bible? That could be a good first step in correcting your perspective. What, exactly, do you find wrong with my statement?


      2. Yes, and I’ve spelled that out. It isn’t governments job in the Bible to take care of anybody. Old testament- the people wanted a king. It wasn’t God’s idea. New testament – Jesus set us free. Government here was founded to protect freedom and liberty – try reading the Declaration of Independence. Today’s government destroys everything in it.


      3. You know what, I apologize for that last comment. Here, Romans is a good starting point, a good commentary will help as well (Moody has a good one).

        Romans 13:1 It is important that all of us submit to the authorities who have charge over us *because God establishes all authority* in heaven and on the earth.


    3. #1. If you don’t suffer from mental illness, you can’t claim to know anything about it.
      #2. Cherry picking Scripture passages to support your argument is a misinterpretation of the Bible.
      #3. The commandment given by Jesus is the “greatest” commandment. ‘Love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself.” (The first half of the statement is from the Old Testament.) That pretty much covers everything regarding authority and service.
      #4. Social justice is to be the work of spiritual/religious entities, not government.
      #5. Only in dictatorships does the government demand submission to authority.

      As far as CT goes, it needs to be better managed in order to remove or significantly reduce subsidy because its current trajectory is unsustainable. Eventually, this community will be unable to provide public transportation unless things change. Continuing to raise taxes to pay for the service puts an undo burden on the poor. FYI, property taxes don’t pay for CT, sales taxes do.


  7. Yes, but His larger message was to influence and use effective passive resistance, but ultimately to obey.

    I did not saying anything about believing people must use buses.

    All things exist to glorify God. We can see such glory in both the expression and the limitations of civil government in its universality, sovereignty, and temporality.


    1. This site is passive resistance. Telling the truth is all that matters, theft by government does nothing to glorify God – I’m sure he is appalled by it. Social Justice violates every principle God demands of his people – personal responsibility. God wants people taking care of each other, not government redistributing wealth to groups they approve of. A single mother receiving thousands of dollars of tax money she never paid, food stamps, subsidizing housing, etc etc deprives her of any ability to better herself and it deprives us of the joy of serving other people. It also destroys families. When government is willing to take care of people, why should families help each other?


  8. I agree, this is a an excellent site representing passive resistance. The rest, not so much. God said to take care of the poor. (as in, period). The rest is details. The fact that there are poor is a direct flaw of social justice we’re directed to intervene and address.


    1. Yeah and there is something in the Bible about “teach a man to fish so he can feed himself,,,” of which is the whole point. Continuing poorly designed (that benefit cronyism) socialist handouts will end badly for those that can help and then, who will help? As queen of the socialist ripoff Margaret Thatcher has said, “The only thing wrong with socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money.” Yes you are a silly rabbit and I am a sticky bean.


  9. “I suppose by “submit” you think that means sit down, shut up, and do whatever you are told. It doesn’t.”

    That’s a misread, captain. I’m about as close to an anarchist as one may get without actually breaking something or being under arrest 🙂

    All that said, I’m not a government apologist if that’s what you mean. I see it’s value. I see where it can help. I also see it’s flaws, which are/is man’s influence (which opposes God). Government as God created is good, and there is a ton of scripture to support it. The good is incrementally destroyed by every action of man made with self-interest at heart.

    Look, I disagreed with how I read the poor were being written about here. It’s an opinion, neither right nor wrong really. I think it’s fascinating that we are approaching an honest conversation of whether government serves good or not. This is a better conversation than whether the poor should “just ride their bike”.


  10. Have any of the little geniuses that run the city ever considered using much smaller buses the way Mexico does for it’s less traveled routes and smaller local routes? It HAS to be much cheaper to run little buses than big buses first of all. I too see the big buses with their 2-5 people on them I have NEVER seen one even 1/2 full. The UK uses these Mini buses too with capacities ranging between like 8 and 30 people and they are very efficient. Maybe those few who do need to use buses would still have a ride and the city would have less fuel and other expenses connected to the large (empty) buses they now have. They can sell the big buses to other towns or whatever and buy some smaller ones and maybe, just maybe actually make a profit. As to the bikes thing, Dear God, I LOVE Amsterdam for a many reasons but I don’t know if I could actually LIVE there year round I have seen those poor soaked people stoically riding their bikes in the sleet and cold rain and they look plenty miserable to me, especially the moms hauling 2 kids in the little passenger compartments some of the bikes have attached to them. Crossing streets there for slower older people can be a nightmare too with the car lanes, tram lanes and bike lanes that must all be navigated. Bloomington is a mess in so many ways and it is directly due to poor planning, poor management, cronyism/greed. and wrong headed approaches to just about everything.


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