Normal: Showing up?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The last thing the Normal Council wants to see tonight is a large number of citizens telling them to knock off the spending.  Fritzen and McCarthy have made it clear that debt isn’t a problem.  They consider themselves much smarter than the people who voted for Marc Tiritilli.

Do they handle their personal finances in the reckless why they do the Town’s?  Personally they can’t tax people more to pay for their folly, but on the Council they can and do.  Citizens forced to pay are just pawns they don’t want to hear from.  More rate studies are coming, of course they will show you aren’t paying enough.

Tonight is an open house to get feedback from you on the proposed pedestrian crossing.  The question is between spending millions and many more millions.  Not building the crossing is not under consideration – only citizens can make that happen.

Details here:

Normal already threw away $1.4 million to study whether to spend around $6 million for an overpass or more than $10 million for an underpass.  Both crossings will need to be ADA compliant which probably means an elevator requiring frequent maintenance.

Since big government types never consider future implications to their decisions, you need to tell them they will be creating future expenses without the revenue to cover them.

Maybe they can charge people for using the crossing instead of walking a short distance.  Obviously the closeness of the election hasn’t phased anybody.  Keep in mind nothing but defeat phased Great Britain.

See more and pictures here:

A reader thinks the video below pretty much sums up the Council.  Which member is Grover?



2 thoughts on “Normal: Showing up?

  1. The open house is to fool the people as though they have some input. The usual fake caring citizens will be there, smiling and attending to the fake details of ripping off the public coffers. Yes it will be a grand affair of bovine excrement. The nerds, the twits, the sissies of the past have seized control and will not relent.


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