Convention of States

By:  Diane Benjamin

Twelve States have now passed a Convention of States Resolution.  34 states must pass it to make the Convention happen.

Contrary to what naysayers claim, this is not a Constitutional Convention.  The resolution says nothing about re-writing the Constitution.  Abolishing the Constitution won’t be discussed, the Convention of States is merely a meeting to reach consensus on proposed amendments.

Washington DC is never going to limit its power.  Congress will continue to spend more than they have.  Congress will continue to hand its power to un-elected regulators who would be jobless if problems were ever fixed.  The Convention of States is the States reclaiming their rights to govern themselves without excessive Federal interference.  Some examples that might be proposed:

  • Term limits for Congress
  • Term limits for the Supreme Court
  • Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Limit Federal Regulatory power

Whatever amendments the Convention of States agree to pursue, the exact language must then be passed by 38 States in order to be added to the Constitution.  Those preaching against the Convention want you to believe 38 State legislatures, and 38 governors, are going to pass and sign amendments to destroy the Constitution.  Beside the fact the Constitution barely matters now, it’s absurd to think the States aren’t capable of reclaiming power that has been stolen from them by Washington DC.

The Federal government was never meant to run our lives.  The States are where experiments in government take place.   States provide a place to flee tyranny and celebrate success.  When the abuse is Federal, there is nowhere to run.

As the number of States passing the Resolution grows, Washington DC will get more and more nervous.  They don’t want their power taken away.  You will hear many lies about the Convention of States, they are being told by people wanting the status quo to continue.  Set them straight with facts.  There is no difference between an amendment passed by Congress and then approved by 38 states and amendments proposed and passed originating with the States, except Congress and the President can’t stop it.  The States will be taking back the power the Constitution meant for them to have.


Convention of States

Progress Update

Here are all the latest numbers:

Total Passed States: 12
Total House Wins: 18
Total Senate Wins: 17
Total States with Committee Wins: 27
Total States that have filed the COS Resolution: 48

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6 thoughts on “Convention of States

  1. In the interest of full disclosure, I am an Anarchist! As such, I believe that the existence of this document (the Constitution) to be rather illegitimate considering that it was supposed to prevent the creation of an abusive state – not allow one. A thorough and critical analysis of what IS, as opposed to what SHOULD be, would conclude that the Constitution of the United States has failed.

    While I am sure many will be offended – I could not care less. I would only ask those offended if they truly believe the creation of a super-State with nearly omnipotent powers to act against the interests and rights of the people was the intention of the founders.

    No reasonably intelligent person would affirm this notion.

    Having said this (with no hope of seeing a peaceful Anarch society in my lifetime), the first thing I wish this convention would do is to consider repealing the 17th Amendment (Election of Senators). The election of senators was supposed to be an affair handled by state legislatures – not the people. The people are already represented by the House of Representatives.

    As originally conceived, the ranks of the Senate were to be comprised of loyal state functionaries who would look after the interests of THEIR respective states. The 17th Amendment more or less created two houses the people elect, with the legislatures of the states having very little to no power to sway who represented THEIR interests.

    One area this becomes most relevant is in the nomination and approval of Supreme Court justices. As the senators would be appointed by each legislature, the legislatures would have a considerable advantage when disputes between the states and the federal apparatus arise by ensuring that those who sit on that court pay greater heed to the interests of the states (in theory).

    In the 100 years since passage of the 17th Amendment, we can see that the Senate has devolved into a pathetic bastion of preening media whores where partisanship and populism animates virtually everything it does. It has become no better than the House of Representatives.

    Obviously, repealing the 16th Amendment (‘voluntary’ taxes) would be a bit much to hope for, but it would vastly curtail the power and abilities of the federal apparatus to abuse the citizens (not to mention the peoples of the world; drone strikes that kill innocent Bedouin women and children in Yemen, just one example).

    Clarification of several ‘one sentence wonders’ such as the Commerce Clause or the General Welfare Clause would go a long way to elimination many of the assumed powers of the federal apparatus. The most ridiculous example of abuse of the reading of the Commerce Clause has window washers of high rise buildings under federal regulation because they can SEE telephones as they wash their windows – thus potentially witnessing ‘interstate commerce’ being done – hence under federal oversight. That was the result of a Supreme Court ruling.


  2. Mark Levin is a national treasure! Levin has written several great books that should be required reading for those of us who love our country.


  3. An American History teacher, I had, did a complete detailed examination of our Constitution. Explaining as well as testing on these details. At the end he mentioned that every once in a while some folks think they want to have another Constitutional Convention. He said that is perfectly legal and well with in our Rights to one. But then he mentioned the problem with that. It seems no one has total control of what gets done and what can change and we could very well lose ownership rights as well as devalue of money and reassignment of property. I think I will pass on this also.


      1. Diane, I also agree this article was not about a C Convention, but I took it to be about forming a group to eventually ask for one. If this was never about that then, yes, I am wrong.


  4. Civics classes used to be mandatory. Without knowledge and understanding of the Constitution it is impossible to be an informed citizen and voter. Thank you, Gent, for the excellent review.


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