Connect Transit: Planning losses

By:  Diane Benjamin

Connect Transit held a Budget Work Session on May 2nd.  The documentation shows the massive operating losses will continue.  They want to increase advertising revenue, but that will have a minor effect on the loss.

The link above has some budget scenarios based on changing budget conditions.   Many of them contain this note without any explanation:

Knowing why Connect Transit may be expecting a 41% decrease from Heartland would be interesting, but the amount  barely makes a dent in the planned loses.

I found this statement interesting – PDF page 29:

How many surfaces got fixed?  What did get fixed?

Below is the first scenario showing the massive expected losses.  Below that is where the funding comes from.  Local governments are now up to $1,000,000.  The heavily in debt Federal Government and State of Illinois are making this redistribution of wealth possible.  Obviously neither have any intention of stopping.  Keep in mind – this is happening nationwide.


2 thoughts on “Connect Transit: Planning losses

  1. The to be formed Transportation Commission is to have someone with “interest and experience” in mass transit. Wonder how this commission will have any impact. Wonder who will be appointed to represent the interests of CT.


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