Bloomington: website, Coliseum

By:  Diane Benjamin

The new City website isn’t fine.  Last week the OLD website was back:

This morning this is what I got at

It has been like this for hours.  It can still be navigated, but is this what tax dollars paid for?  (I just checked again, it may now be fixed. 10:48 am)

The old website was reliable.  Until someone decided to hide information (like tax receipts), it was easy to find what was being searched.  I wonder why a new website was needed, other than they wanted new and prettier.

Besides some links that didn’t work, the new site was running pretty well – even with the annoying pop-ups caused by moving the mouse.  It hasn’t been running so well that last 2 weeks.  Will the City get a refund?  Or, is it somebody at the City’s fault.  The site was not done locally.

On another note:

Ever since the US Cellular contract expired, we have been told a new naming rights sponsor for the Coliseum will be announced soon.  That was more than a year ago.  US Cellular had been paying $200,000 a year.

Reminds me of what is said about the roads being fixed, but I digress.

The US Cellular signs are finally coming down.  I wonder if the shadow from where they were can still be read.  If somebody drives by, let me know.  David Hales is still saying a new sponsor will be announced soon.

A new sponsor will be found about the time the roads are fixed.  Start riding a bike – your roads will never be fixed.

How soon before a biker, attempting to dodge a pothole, veers into traffic and gets turned into a pancake?




2 thoughts on “Bloomington: website, Coliseum

  1. I just had to pay $1k to get my suspension fixed! Where’s that address to get reimbursed by the city?


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