Laws are immaterial

By:  Diane Benjamin

The ruling by the Attorney General’s Public Access office against the City of Bloomington is completely meaningless.  Read the entire ruling here:  17-004

The only penalty for the Bloomington City Council violating the Open Meetings Act by holding an illegal Executive Session is:

The tape of the meeting must be released

The last time the AG requested the City release a tape of an illegal Executive Session, it never happened.  (ie: Judy Stearns)

The AG’s office listened to the meeting.  The reason the City gave for holding the secret meeting was “probable litigation”.  That wasn’t discussed however – they discussed leaving the agreement with Normal and keeping the money for themselves.

The City claims they will waste money appealing the decision.


Something else on the tape they don’t want heard in public?

More proof that government wrote the laws to protect government – not you.

The City of Bloomington will continue to violate the Open Meetings Act because the law doesn’t matter.

Very Transparent Tari!



4 thoughts on “Laws are immaterial

  1. A Democrat (Lisa Madigan) begets another democrat (renner). Both have NO transparency, respect for the law or care for the people who vote. Just themselves.
    Maybe that’s WHY a democracy cannot last??


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