Trying to kill somebody?

by:  Diane Benjamin

This is a Bloomington road that school buses travel on.  It’s also close to an apartment complex.

(different section of the same road)

The City budget only spends $3.8 million resurfacing roads when more than $9 million a year is needed just to keep the roads rated poor.

Tonight the Council will deflect $500,000 earmarked for roads to other spending.

25% of the 1% Sales Tax increase was for roads:

The Motor Fuel Tax was supposed to generate $1,000,000 a year for roads, the Sales Tax $2.4 million.  We don’t know what the actual receipts are because that is now a secret.  (It didn’t used to be)

These were NEW taxes, nobody on the Council mentioned that spending from the General Fund would stop.  We thought the new taxes were so the City could spend more.  Silly us.

Maybe if somebody dies because the road conditions, the Council will finally care.

Watch the meeting tonight to see what they care about.  It won’t be roads.



4 thoughts on “Trying to kill somebody?

  1. When I lived in Bloomington I was astounded that the shoulders on the county and township roads were just ignored, and never or were poorly maintained. As soon as the shoulders begin to degrade, the road surfaces go away quickly, as evidenced in your photo. But who cares, there’s always money to be spent on road projects!


  2. Tari and Koos would like to remind you that filled potholes, decent roads and working sewers don’t “draw millennials” like flamingos, bike trails/lanes, railroad underpasses and hotels.

    At least, that’s what the Chicago consultants told them.


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