Arena name change

By:  Diane Benjamin

The contract between the City of Bloomington and Grossinger Motors is in the packet for the City Council meeting Monday night:

PDF page 115

The City will use up to $75,000 of their first payment to offset changing the signage.

One problem – page 121:

Since the document is a legal contract, the payment due dates should be correct.  See page 129, it’s already been signed by Grossinger.

How much does Bloomington pay the Springfield Law firm a month for legal?

Maybe this was done in-house.

We won’t ever know.

The contract expires June 30, 2022.  Grossinger can then renew the contract for $225,000 a year up from $175,000.





12 thoughts on “Arena name change

  1. Perhaps we can charge them interest on missing that first payment 6 months ago; you know, throw it in the road fund to patch some potholes. 🙂

    I was surprised they got a deal worked out like this, but I guess some guaranteed money coming in to offset the huge losses from that every year is better than nothing. This money should go directly against the building’s losses every year.

    Perhaps we can get the O’Brien Mitsubishi Connect Transit System or the Beer Nuts Bus System going?


      1. For the same reason I don’t go to Starbucks, won’t eat Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (Just stuff the Unilever comments), and try not to do business with WJBC advertisers–they support causes, in this case, (the Judydome) and people (current Bloomington City government) I despise.


  2. You don’t suppose that they will be making actual double payments, as that is what the contract states? Then again, naw.


  3. In general, facts don’t seem to matter to Renner. Why would one think details would matter? Council packets often have “mistakes.”


  4. Has RENNER ever followed the rules or law?? He’s out for #1 and as a narcissist he’s out for HIMSELF and NOBODY else-he’d use CT to throw you under the bus. The public be damned. And we had to go to Chicago to get someone to buy the name for the arena?/ WHAT does that tell you??


  5. I plan to purchase a new car in the next couple of months and my plans did not include Grossinger, but they are definitely on my list now and I would love to be able to purchase a car there to show my appreciation for saving us taxpayers $175K per year! Thank you Grossinger!


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