The BIKE fix is in

By:  Diane Benjamin

We wouldn’t be talking about bike lanes on busy streets if Bike Blono wasn’t pushing for them.

Bike Blono members voted for and helped elect Tari Renner because he supports their agenda of promoting the use of bikes for all transportation.  (Beats fixing the roads!)

That brings me to the Planning Commission meeting held recently for approving bike lanes on E Washington.

These are the commission members:

Note:  Every person was appointed by Tari Renner.

Also note that Justin Boyd was Renner’s campaign manager, so of course he was a yes vote.

Also remember that Bike Blono’s Mike McCurdy spoke in favor at the meeting without ever mentioning he was with Bike Blono – he mentioned Connect Transit though!

I wonder if the other commission members knew one of their own was connected to Bike Blono?  He voted FOR the Bike Lanes, but I didn’t hear him say anything about this:

I know the handwriting is difficult to read, see the whole document I received from the Secretary of State’s Office HERE

The chair of this meeting, David Stanczak, mentioned he has no doubt that Bike Blono was doing heavy lobbying. I wonder if he knew one of his fellow Board members was a plant for them? Did anybody else on the Board know?

Isn’t that important information to know when making a decision to curtail the rights of every driver on Washington in favor of a few bikers?  I do remember Suess talking about traffic being too fast for his little kids, did his comments sway any votes?

Just like everything Tari does, the fix is in.  Everything is a con job for political pay back.  Only 3 years and 10 months to go!

I doubt David Stanczak will feel used, even though he should.

Maybe the Bike Blono guy is a totally different Kevin Suess.  Maybe somebody should read green Eggs and Ham at the next meeting!





26 thoughts on “The BIKE fix is in

  1. You’re publishing addresses?!? After calling Bike BloNo “bullies” for posting a picture of a banner in front of someone’s house — a banner designed to garner attention. Really? You should pull that image down. I’m afraid you’re opening yourself to some sort of legal action.


      1. I have no dog in this fight, “old stanky,” so I have no reason to be afraid. I’m a three-car garage house owner, but I have no problem with bicyclists or bike lanes either. BTW, I like that I don’t have to come up with a name like libturd for you. You did that all by your lonesome, “old stanky.”


      2. according to the liberals it is the conservatives causing all the violence! We know its not true but hey since when did liberals bother with truth?


  2. With that hand-picked group, you know for sure there’s nobody on that commission who’s representing real people. They all speak on Tari’s behalf or Bike BloNo’s behalf…or both


    1. Aww…don’t ban me. This is too much fun. Pointing out inconsistencies and hypocrisy on this blog is what I live for. Do we really think a planning commission appointed by a Mayor Lower or Mayor Bayne would be balanced. Or would they, as is their right, “hand pick” their appointees?


      1. In your own words Bob, “,,,this blog is what (you) live for.” No name calling needed. You did it to yourself.


    1. I decided you are done once again. Your worthless comments contribute nothing. Besides, I don’t live in Ellsworth – never have. Nice try though.

      Yes – I deleted your comment.


  3. They do what they want, because they can. MAYBE enough will mobilize next time to get that horrible little socialist rat-face OUT of the mayors chair and do some serious rearrangement of the other seats as well with some different butts in those seats. This bike stuff has a lot of deeper darker connotations too and if I have to explain that you wouldn’t understand anyway, you’re already too far under the spell.


    1. Here is why the left and the right will never be able to carry on a conversation. It would have never occurred to Kevin Lower to stack all the commissions with his people. Did Stockton stack them? He left seats empty!

      I totally understand the above statement will be Greek to you. Con games are played by the left, not the right.

      One more thing Rob that will also go right over your head: The right doesn’t believe they have the right or responsibility to control other people. That’s why bike lanes on E Washington are abhorrent. A few people want to control how thousands of people drive. That violates every principle this country was founded on.


  4. Long-time reader, first time commentor. I think there are bigger problems in this state right now than bikes, and sending FOIA requests for this type of information is a waste of taxpayer dollars. You should stop that altogether, as it hurts your cause. On the other hand, I will do you a favor and let you know you should consult a lawyer about this post. This blog has been great for this old geezer to read, and I don’t want it to stop! You list names with the supposed intent to reveal an (outdated) co-existence in groups that this person would not profit from. However, you highlighted the whole address, and did not blur out the addresses of the others. I went back and read this other post referenced in other comments and I do not see where anything similar was done by this group, not that that would justify this in a court, regardless. I understand you think you can FIOA information, but it should also be considered that what you use it for becomes your responsibility. This is not meant to be taken as legal advice, again, talk to a lawyer. With Him, Ted.


    1. Ted67, please make this your last post as you’re nothing more than a windbag with a pointless message. What you think should probably stay in that noggin of yours. FOIA’s are perfectly fine and are needed so that citizens can ensure the government is being honest, Disclosing public information is not a cause of action in any court, You’re probably best off just reading this column and learning.


    2. War is a massive waste of taxpayer dollars, let alone our brothers and sisters coming home blown to pieces, with psychological issues or in a body bag. Besides a list of multiple other lists of a waste of taxpayer dollars Ted, get a grip man!


  5. Bike lanes on East Washington. WHAT? Are the corn and bean fields of the country too GOD for them now, and since they run the stop signs anyway the majority of the time, we counted 8 out of 10 today alone, on the road to lake Bloomington-sitting @ a friends. MAybe we can get them to help fix the streets, curb the crime and make us ditch the arena, since they are SUCH good lobbyists! What ya say Tari? Get on your bikes and RIDE!!!


  6. the goverment is not shoving this down our throtes and these snow flakes think they gona win you got another thing commin. over


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