Monday night Council FUN!

By:  Diane Benjamin



Monday night Tari Renner is busy with more appointments.  One of them shows how commissions are being stacked with liberal progressives to do Renner’s bidding. He is appointing Victoria Harris to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Harris was a Democrat member of the McLean County Board, but she was defeated for reelection by Jason Beard.

Harris is a retired ISU professor collecting more in pension than the average family in Bloomington earns:

Harris voted to NOT use the substantial savings of the County and voted to raise taxes instead:

Harris supported the east-side bypass because she was tired of spending money on Towanda-Barnes Road


In April the Council voted to buy 4 parking lots downtown from Frontier.  As yet another sign downtown redevelopment is a money pit, it turns out a downtown business filed suit against Frontier on the same day claiming in 2012 they has an agreement to buy 2 of the 4 lots.  See PDF page 30.  The Council is being advised to modify the agreement until the court action is resolved.


See PDF pages 67-104 for proof doing business with Bloomington/Illinois causes a ridiculous waste of time and money.  It took 37 pages to explain Westerminister Village needed to move a Utilities Easement because connections weren’t located where they thought they were.  Page 67 claims there is no financial impact to the City – not included were legal expenses producing documents and the staff time compiling them.  How long was construction delayed waiting for approval?  It isn’t mentioned.


The City must finally realize downtown Bloomington equals alcohol.  Two requests for open alcohol on public property are on the agenda – both special events.  It only took 13 pages of details for both.  See PDF pages 105 – 118.  Does Uptown ever do alcohol at events?

All of these are on the consent agenda, more fun to come!





4 thoughts on “Monday night Council FUN!

  1. Diane, Please don’t call Tari’s minions “liberal progressives”. Many, if not most, are hardcore Marxists–people that really want Conservatives, traditionalists, Christians, dead. Let’s be honest what we are up against here. “Hubert Humphrey Democrats” these terrorists aren’t.


    1. Gotta agree with your point however if you don’t address them as liberal progressives they’re too stupid to know who you are talking about.


  2. I am finding that many “liberal progressives” as they call themselves (Some just call themselves “good Democrats”) don’t even realize that they are indeed simply full blown leftist Marxists – but, their “handlers” know what they are, and that’s all that matters, thus, they become good little tools and minions.


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