How much did CUBA cost you?

Cuba, now Japan. See how much Cuba cost – in case you forgot. See the world: become Mayor and do it for free!


By:  Diane Benjamin

Keep in mind Cuba is a communist country.

Keep in mind human rights don’t exist in Cuba, especially if you are gay or oppose the government.

Keep in mind most of the population makes less than $20 a month.

Keep in mind, Cuba would love to have our tourist dollars – but they have very little to offer in return.

Bloomington’s mayor, Tari Renner went to Cuba from October 8th through October 15th.

Illinois Wesleyan University wrote a check to Bloomington to pay $800 of the trip.

The rest of it was paid for by the taxpayers of Bloomington:

cuba$3,583 – $800 = $2,783

No other expenses were received when I FOIA’d the information




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13 thoughts on “How much did CUBA cost you?

  1. Diane, your doing a great job. Greg Schrof turned me on to your news letters. This issue of left wingers going to Cuba always baffles me. Since McGovern to our local idiots. What are they looking for?

    Art Rodriguez


  2. The report for the Cuba trip doesn’t include airfare. Need to check Bills & Payroll PCard report for that information


      1. Near the bottom of the report it says airfare is separate. A week of touring, meals and hotel can easily cost $3,000.


  3. To take a similar example – I go to Mexico at least once a year, sometimes twice. I base in Mexico City or Oaxaca, I stay in very comfy and clean accommodations that cost me last time $18.00 (Oaxaca) and $32,00 (Mexico City) respectively the Mexico City one is like an efficiency apartment (I have stayed there several times with nightly rates ranging from $32.00 to $38.00 depending on current deals) I eat 3 meals at least a day which runs me about 10-15 dollars I eat from street vendors and small fondas and comedors, the food is ample and delicious. I take public transport that is dirt cheap – MC Metro is 5 pesos a trip or 25 to 40 cents depending on currency exchange rates and that can get you anywhere in the city point A to point B. Buses run 4 to 6 pesos per trip on average Buses between cities are also adequate and cheap. My airfare for this coming October will be 274 dollars round trip it has NEVER been more than 375, ever any time of year. The point I am making here is Tari, WASTES a WHOLE LOT of money EVERYWHERE he goes.


    1. I do understand that Cuba IS different however because no one is allowed to go off the “approved” tour routes, can’t have anyone seeing the REAL Cuba outside of Havana and few select other places. That in itself should be HUGE red flag.


  4. Isn’t there a sister city called the Sea of Tranquility?? Let’s send him one way..
    WHY would anyone want to go to Cuba in HIS position. There’s NO economic reason for him to go there-WHAT, they going to buy 30,000 bushels of McLean county corn, maybe 300 pigs and a goat or 2? This was just ANOTHER example of his romping around on OUR tax money-while our streets and infrastructure HER AT HOME go to heck! Nice job Tari.


  5. Once again foolishness and folly by politician’s. What value did the local community gain from this trip? In corporate America you had better bring back some value for the company. It isn’t a vacation trip like this guy seems to be using it for.
    Someone buy him a matching clown suit to match another council member’s suit.


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