What Few Realize + More Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin


Police Officers have a LOT of discretion in who gets a ticket, who gets their car searched, and who gets hauled off to jail.  You respect their authority under the law and they will respect you.  You act like a jerk and you will be treated like a jerk if you take it too far.  The police are human with feelings too, they aren’t being paid to take abuse from anybody.

A resident is organizing  a Bloomington Police Lives Matter rally on 8/14 in Front of City Hall – 5:30.  That is the date of the next Council meeting.  She wants signs and flags!  After all the comments disparaging the local police recently, they need to know you have their back.


The media chooses what they will report.  The local media makes a lot of money off local government, especially advertising all the Quality of Life events most of you never attend.  The rule banning reports of transgressions of friends in power doesn’t have to be written.  It’s just understood they support their friends and attempt to destroy anybody who opposes them.  Note the Pantagraph, WJBC, and WGLT have reported ZERO about Traveling Tari.


Prosecutors can drop cases or ignore anything they choose to.  Just because a law is broken it doesn’t mean a thing if nobody decides to investigate or prosecute.  Jason Chambers and Lisa Madigan can pretend they have no idea any crimes have been committed if prosecuting doesn’t fit their agenda or staff doesn’t have time.


It doesn’t exist to benefit you.  If it did the Coliseum would never have been built and we would have great roads and your elected officials wouldn’t be vacationing in Cuba and Japan.  City employees wouldn’t have gold plated insurance and lavish retirements.   When most voters stay home flashy narcissists easily win because they pay off supporters with your money.

Tari Renner:

is attempting to defend himself from Japan:

Sometimes he is transparent!

We know the crime was the CHARGE, reimbursement is immaterial.


What if every person with a P-Card made personal purchases?  A full-time person would be needed to make sure it all got paid back.  That’s why laws exist to protect taxpayers!  No co-mingling of taxpayer money with personal funds!  Duh.

Also note:  Tari says Margot was willing to pay – not that she did!

I have a FOIA request pending and so do the Edgar County Watchdogs for Margo’s payment.  If payment had been promptly made and Tari wants his name cleared (it’s still illegal), why have neither of us received the proof?

It gets better!  A Federal judge very recently ruled that elected officials violate the 1st Amendment when they block or delete comments on Social Media:  https://constitutioncenter.org/blog/could-federal-judges-facebook-ruling-affect-trump-twitter-lawsuit

Some of the comments are missing from the Mayor Tari Renner Facebook site.  I posted the court ruling story and poof – it disappeared!

Tari threatened to sue me for telling the truth.  Looks like I’ve got a case too Tari!









New Alderman Jamie Mathy needs to brush up on the law.  He doesn’t understand the difference between Public and Private money.  An email he sent:


Jamie,  if they wanted to sit together Tari should have used HIS personal credit card and then turned in an expense report.  The City isn’t Corporate America where companies spend their own money and make their own rules.  I bet Jamie doesn’t remember that every vote he takes is spending OTHER people’s money.  He needs reminded.


9 thoughts on “What Few Realize + More Tari

  1. Who is Margo and why does she get to be a part of these official meetings? Is she going to be speaking or influencing decisions on our behalf?


    1. A bigger question is what value does a sister city bring to the community? A vacation spot for politician’s it looks like to me. What a joke! Corporate America would never pay for this nonsense!


  2. Two questions. First, has any proof been provided that the city was reimbursed? Second, who is actually guilty here? I know Tari should be guilty, but wouldn’t it be the city administrator who did the booking? The person is the one who actually spent the money. Sounds like a potential case of an underling just doing their job taking the fall for their corrupt boss. Those at the top rarely take the fall.


  3. Amazing to use corporate America to cover for this yet they allow banking of sick time which corporate America abandoned a long time ago if they even had it. How ironic to use corporate America as an example. Maybe the city of Bloomington should really follow the pattern of corporate America and we’d see that banking gone, health insurance coverage changed and hey maybe even some responsibility to do your job. There likely wouldn’t be an assistant for an assistant to an assistant for the city manager. People elected this guy, unbelievable! Someone buy him a clown suit because he would fit nicely into it.


    1. But that’s what the hypocritical liberals do. They compare when it benefits them and ignore when it does’t. Deceive to achieve is how Renner maintains any support at all.


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