4 Things – One Story

By:  Diane Benjamin

In the interest of sustainability and providing you with time-saving instant news – this is a FOUR IN ONE story.


When your news comes from mornings with WJBC, don’t believe what you hear.  Scott Laughlin has a problem with facts.  Hey Scott:  The Democrats lost their super majority in the Springfield House last November.   http://www.sj-r.com/news/20161109/gop-breaks-democrats-supermajority-in-illinois-house

He must not of had the chance to catch up on the new since then.  He claimed this morning that members are choosing not to run again because they can’t fight the super majority.  Scott must also not understand we have a legitimate reason for not liking the Republicans.  They had power, especially during the budget stalemate when 2/3’s was needed to pass anything.  They had the power and handed it back to the Democrats.


I had to make a quick trip to Decatur yesterday.  Gas in Bloomington was hovering in the $2.35+ range because lots of people get paid on the 1st.  I opted to wait until I arrived and got it for $2.15 there.  The only way to stop the games played by local gas stations is make sure you never need gas around the 1st and 15th of every month and every other Friday when State Farm gets paid.  Stop getting sucked in people!


I found a Craigslist ad yesterday that might be of interest if you are looking for a job:  https://bn.craigslist.org/search/waa

Nothing is going to happen to Traveling Tari unless citizens demand it, just like the censure that wasn’t really a censure never would have happened without the outrage of the people.


I saw Facebook posts and received emails all weekend about the pools in Normal.  I emailed City Manager Mark Peterson for a comment and received his response yesterday.  Basically the staff they hired didn’t stay for the whole season.  Parts of the pools have been closed, especially the water slides, but I received one email saying only the baby pool was open at one pool.  Some people stated they are reconsidering purchasing passes again next year.

See Peterson’s long response here:  Peterson Response





11 thoughts on “4 Things – One Story

  1. RE: #2, I drove to eastern IL this past weekend and the gas prices were much, much lower elsewhere than here. VERY strange. Like, 30 cents more expensive here per gallon. How can that be? I don’t get it. And a couple weeks ago on Thursday, I paid $2.05 per gallon, then Friday it was $2.39 – that is one SERIOUS jump in prices. It was SF payday that week. How about that.

  2. Well, with the Girls softball tournament AND the County fair both this week, the greedy gas stations are going to suck as MUCH out of the travelers as they can. Freedom stations are the WORST-they are the first to go up and the LAST to go down.
    Gas is USUALLY cheaper on the WEST side of town also! Sometimes by as much as twenty five cents!

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