IML on what Tari did

By:  Diane Benjamin

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The City of Bloomington pays a small fortune to be members of the IML (Illinois Municipal League) and attend their conferences.  Tari and Jeff Jurgens even spoke last year about the “new media and watchdogs”.  I’m sure they have seen this the below.  It isn’t me accusing Tari – it’s the City’s own Bills and Payroll report.

The CHARGE is the crime, nothing else matters.

In case you missed this –

Bloomington taxpayers funded a lot of people on this trip.

PDF page 135


8 thoughts on “IML on what Tari did

  1. How many scandals? How many times can Renner laugh in the face of the rule of law and get away with it? Council? David Sage, when do you say no? When do YOU demand in the name of the citizens that you are supposed to represent that this completely unethical and illegal behavior be stopped? Karen Schmidt, do you approve? If you continue to allow this man to slap the law in the face then you are a conspirator. You’re just as guilty! Scoot Black, how about you? (Just taking lessons, aren’t you Scott?) Mboka? Jamey Mathey?
    Remove Renner!

    1. Could not have said it better. Renner’s arrogance got him this time. Living large on the tax payer’s dime NEEDS TO STOP NOW! Looking forward to seeing Tari brought up on charges.

  2. Let’s see him attempt to worm his way out of this one…by using city resources, of course.

  3. Geez caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    Can someone please explain to me what value a sister city brings to the community other than local politician’s using that as a vacation spot.

    1. Well, besides giving the mooches a cool place to go visit for free, there’s always the little presents that they get to put in cabinets in City Hall and say that they are from the Sister City, you know, stuff like little dolls and other toys and trinkets that could be bought from any tourist trap or artisan market in those countries and yes I 100% agree with you “Sister Cities” is truly a GREAT scam dreamed up by these leaches so they can go to cool places every now and then all expenses paid.

  4. Also, realize that Bloomington and Normal are 2 of only about 2 dozen cities in the US that have Sister City relationships in Cuba, joining such Left-wing crazy towns as Berkeley, CA and Amherst, MA. Tari has publicly said he wants to “reenergize and deepen” that relationship. Maybe he and his Honey can take a taxpayer financed vacation there, also. Probably in January.

  5. Doesn’t Tari know that claiming she is not a public figure only makes this expenditure worse? Why is my tax money being used for this, if that is the case? What a dim bulb.

    …and YES, it is MY money! Every dime they spend is MY money.

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