Looks like Renner/Ehrlich didn’t pay

By:  Diane Benjamin

The following FOIA request was due today.

How difficult is it to look up who paid the City?  Browse the General Ledger!  

Remember, Tari claimed from Japan that I was lying and he was going to sue me for stating the truth – the City paid for his girlfriend’s ticket:

Got a lawyer yet Tari – you might be needing one!

Guess What!

It looks like the City can’t find where reimbursement was made!  They should have a vested interest in clearing this up since the Council, Accounting, and Hales all approved the payment.  Do they all enjoy looking incompetent?  If the City has the payment for Margot’s ticket, why extend the FOIA another 5 days!

Tari comes home tomorrow.  I wonder if the authorities will meet him at City Hall.  He plans to be there tomorrow for a Liquor Commission meeting at 4:00.

The City added this excuse for the extension:

I wonder who needs to look at it?  Mayor Transparency, legal, David Hales, maybe it doesn’t exist?

I wonder if Tari will now claim Margot was also on this “business trip” for legitimate reasons.  Yep, contempt for human decency!






12 thoughts on “Looks like Renner/Ehrlich didn’t pay

  1. Margot would be exempt since she is not a City employee?? It is Renner’s PCard. What necessary discretion is needed?? Wonder how much they will try to redact.

      1. They are probably waiting for the delegation to get back to Bloomington to discuss with lawyers.

  2. The next City Council meeting is August 14. Mayoral open house is Friday, August 11. Should be interesting.

    1. Interesting? Get real! Its a non issue according to King Tari &what King Tari sez the rest better follow or OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

  3. I thought, according to the ECW, that all parties had to agree to any extensions. I doubt you would do so. So, what gives?

      1. So then their extension is no good. If they had the proof they would be able to prove it instantaneously. They don’t have it. He lied, they are stalling, times up now you have a FOIA non compliance complaint to boot.

  4. Bracelets ALL around! Kind of a welcome home jewelry thing!
    The LAW is the LAW. Where is JASON CHAMBERS and his hoard on this??

    It’s AGAINST the law, it’s plainly written and the rules were broken! This isn’t no TIME OUT BS!
    Spoke is SPOKE!

    1. This is Barack Obama IL this is nothing more than just another day in corruption city! Nothing will happen unless the masses rise up against the King and retake the city.

  5. If Barack Obama can manufacture a phony birth certificate, after stonewalling for years, Renner & Cronies will come up with something to get him off the hook. ECW has disclosed many attempts (some successful) to change a law after the fact to make illegal activity legal.

  6. The reason the FOIA request is being delayed is so they can find the TP to write the exemption on!

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