UPDATE #2: Tari feeling heat?

Tari pretended he didn’t know Parker at the Open House.  David Parker:  Not a good way to start your career as a politician.  Do we have nothing but Democrat lies to look forward to until November of 2018?

David Parker is running for the McLean County Board District 9 – no surprise:  As a Democrat!


By:  Diane Benjamin

Posted last night:

How does David Parker know what Mayor Renner is thinking?

According to this Letter to the Editor Parker wrote, (and Tari posted on Facebook) they weren’t friends just last February!

Why is the Mayor overwhelmed?

He claims he did nothing wrong!

18 thoughts on “UPDATE #2: Tari feeling heat?

  1. Lol, my first thought in reading that letter was, “WHAT BULL S**T!.” Wondered where the lunch was catered from and if it ended up on the Pcard. Poor guy from the west side, well God bless you man but I’m just not buyin’ it.


  2. Good grief! What a pathetiic response. What does the little fella think is going to happen, does think he is going to literally be tarred and feathered at his Open House? How can his Open house be “crashed” by a conservative bloggers friends, when the vast majority of her friends and readership are citizens of City of Bloomington? Are these Open House Meetings just for people who agree with Renner? Is a Renner not man enough to stand on his own two feet to face his critics and answer questions HONESTLY about issues involving him or is he too much of a coward to hide behind easily manipulated people like David M. Parker? Why doesnt he have the stones to man up and face his accusers without having to pull his bought and paid for media pals in to defend him as well? One word comes to mind. Cowardance.


    1. Personally, I think the Mayor should address whatever issue he thinks he will be overwhelmed with in the Pantagraph or at the City Council meeting for all to see. Renner can give his side of the story to refute the allegations that the readers of this blog already know. Release the FOIA requests. What is the Mayor hiding. Other than a shout-down by Runner supporters, what does Mr. Parker wish to accomplish. I am no longer going to waste my time trying to get honest answers from a dishonest person.


      1. Silence by those who know the truth is the scariest thing for dishonest people. Let Renner’s minions attend the open house to find no one to challenge.


  3. The demoncrats mantra for quite some time has been that “the end justifies means.” Therefore “deceive to achieve” is an acceptable method and running rampant in Renners Dept. of Transparency.


  4. “I reached out to him on facebook thinking there was little chance that he would respond” (and I’m sure he was all a flutter when his hero did respond) my kids played with his dog and he has “The heart of a servant….” Oh spare me, sounds like a drama queen I’m sure the two betas got along fabulously, what a heart touching love story. Oh and Tarry was “entertaining” so you can bet we paid for that delivered or take out lunch. One question – When is it crashing when people attend an “open” event?


  5. Look at this guy, another freeloader getting a free lunch! Of course he likes Tari cause that is how Renner rolls! It’s all about the free lunches!


  6. I feel compelled to post this from Bloomington’s City Code.

    Chapter 2 : Section 42 : Mayor.
    A. The Mayor shall have and exercise all powers and duties assigned to him by statute and such other authority as may be granted by the Council.

    B. The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the Council, and all ceremonial occasions.

    C. The Mayor shall be recognized as the official head of the City by the courts for the purpose of serving civil process and by the government for all legal purposes.

    D. Except where such matters are subject to a veto, the Mayor shall sign on behalf of the City any document or deed authorized by the Council. (Ordinance No. 2015-06)

    E. The Mayor shall appoint members of any board or commission provided by the statutes of the State of Illinois or in this Code with the approval of the Council.

    F. The Mayor may consult with the Corporation Counsel on matters pertaining to the general provisions of the City ordinances and questions which arise before the City Council.

    G. The Mayor may request reports of the City Manager on matters pertaining to operations of the various departments which shall be made available by the Mayor to all Councilmen of the City.

    H. Whenever the City Council takes formal action on a matter, the effect of which is to direct or cause an ordinance to be drafted implementing such action, such action may, at the election of the Mayor, be considered as an ordinance for purposes of the Mayor’s veto power. If the Mayor makes such an election, he shall so state in his veto message to the Council. (Ordinance No. 1982-7)


  7. Who is this David Parker guy? I say take the gloves off and handle him the way Conservatives are increasingly dealt with in the Marxist dictatorship of Bloomington. Find out who he works for and oh so quietly pressure his employer to fire him. Oh, wait…bet he is some type of government employee.


      1. David Parker’s friends–possibly he did as well–attempted to get certain candidates fired by calling their employer. That is the reference to Maggie’s comment.


  8. West side=The Jackson street donut shop and day old donuts. Irving school. Snowball fights with the St Mary’s kids. Kick the can, Baseball @ Miller Park. Bicycling without helmets ALL OVER the damn place. And Being BEST friends to this DAY! WHAT do these hacks know about the “WEST” side. You covered yer butt AND yer friends. YEP! We KNOW who we are and what we did. MY OH MY! West side indeed. Guess I should wear my “reunion” ribbon! Guess I lost that in ONE in one of the growing up spats!
    IF you cannot remember Lynn’s Lunch, the 3rd Ward, Mamma Coco, and the Washington Street IGA. Then you NEED go read some history! OH, and Red Fox Foods on Oakland. BEFORE it moved to Market St-Bill Smith owned them BOTH!
    Long LIVE Charlie the gopher! And Mrs Scott was ONE mean MEAN ass teacher!


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