Welcome Tyranny to Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal came really close to ending their tyranny when Chris Koos was almost defeated in April.  Renner didn’t get Modified Wards, but now that he’s reelected, nothing is going to stand in his way.  The Council certainly won’t – gee they approved his girlfriend’s ticket to Japan!

No, nobody is looking out for you.

Thanks should go to the Pantagraph for allowing Tari to spout his Mayberry comments without any questions.  It proves they only want your money without providing anything of value for it.  I’ve got a few questions for Tari if they need help.

When I started writing over 5 years ago, if I mentioned limited government people accused me of wanting chaos.  I hope in the time since those folks have figured out what limited government means.  It means government ONLY does the job citizens expect government to do:  ROADS, police, fire, water, sewer – essential services!  Everything else is left up to the private sector because they spend their own money instead of government incompetents DREAMING of success with your money.

On page 9 of the special meeting docs for Monday concerning Tari’s Assistant :  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14456

Tari claims his “appointed” assistant, for the low low price of $90,000 a year, will help provide BASIC services.  Does this person get benefits too?  Pension?  That adds around 50% to the cost.

Is Tari saying the roads can’t get fixed because he need an assistant?

Is Tari saying he didn’t know the law and PCard policy because he didn’t have an assistant?

Who told Tari to hold 5 or more meetings a month?  No other mayors have and somehow Bloomington was better off!

Why does Tari think economic development is the job of mayor?  The City pays a guy to do that – and the EDC, DBA, BN Advantage, and the CVB.  Is buying them lunch Tari’s job?

Tari, your job takes too much time because you designed the job to take too much of your time.  You love meeting with groups and being the center of attention.  Promising them more goodies has increased the City budget more than 40 MILLION dollars under you, meaning citizens have $40,000,000 less to spend.  How are those tax receipts that used to be public and now are hidden?  Transparent?

How are cities run by Democrats doing?  Chicago?  Is the State of Illinois still one point above junk status?  Maybe Tari can explain how he is a better Democrat!

Since the non-partisan Council votes for more and more government control, should we pretend they aren’t Socialists, oh, I mean Democrats?

If the Council falls for this bull, can we say:  If it quacks like a duck . . . .







10 thoughts on “Welcome Tyranny to Bloomington

  1. Tari needing and wanting a full time assistant!!!!!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Certainly not Mayberry, but maybe Laugh In. This guy is really off his chain. Obviously he’s trying to increase to employment rate of IWU graduates.


    1. The business meal with the mayor expense will double since the aide will be expected to follow him around. The worst part is the aide being paid by the City but not being an employee of the City– answerable only to Renner.


  2. Wait! In just a few months Renner might say, “It’s unfathomable that my assistant makes six times more in salary and benefits than I do. My position is going to need to be raised to, well,,,At least $250K per year. Just ask any of the (goofy) associations we pay big money to be a part of, they’ll tell you. I gotta buy another Vette, two just isn’t enough for a man like me. I want more!”


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