Monday: More Sick Leave Buy Back

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Bills and Payroll for Monday night:

Below are payments to employees labeled Sick Leave Buy Back (SLBB).  I don’t know what MO before the first one stands for.  We won’t know what penalties the City will be forced to pay (for not changing this policy that allows pension spiking) until they pay the bill or I FOIA it.  Just another David Hales fail taxpayers are forced to fund.

One More:

What’s a Funk Grant?

In laymen terms, the City of Bloomington is giving away money in the name of some former community leader.  That former leader didn’t put the City in charge of a trust for this purpose.  The City is giving away your money.

That’s not the only grant money:

Harriet Fuller Rust Grant

This grant doesn’t say what the source is, so it’s pretty clear this is also your money.

When does anybody on the Council say NO?

The City is looking to borrow money to fix the roads and sewers – after raising your sewer and storm water rates.  Yet, they continue to fund grants that benefit only a few citizens by raising their property values.  I wonder if the assessed value was increased after the improvements?

There is always money for consultants, travel, professional development, additional employees, free lunches, downtown schemes, Coliseum losses, BCPA subsidies, grants, and an endless list of projects funded only for personal adulation.

Essential services – not so much.


4 thoughts on “Monday: More Sick Leave Buy Back

  1. Citizen taxpayers of Bloomington,,,Bend Over!
    Not to be confused with Bend Oregon, cause they sent him packin’! Were the records sealed because they might appear to be X Rated?


  2. I knew Eugene Funk Jr and his wife Maeotta. A very nice guy. He lived on east Grove St. I’m sure he wouldn’t be pleased with the way the city is being ran now.


  3. “When does anyone on the city council say no” funny this should appear as this went through my mind the other day because they don’t say no. They are a bunch of bobble heads that bobble only in one direction front to back. Yes, Yes,Yes and the taxpayers are going to Pay, Pay, Pay


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