No Vote? No Rush!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Maybe some members of the Bloomington City Council finally realized their fearless leader has been abusing his government credit card.  We’ve listened to Mayor Renner spew his “there are no free lunches” for years in order to raise taxes while he was dining on the backs of taxpayers.  The Japan trip finally got them to act?  Welcome back to life Sleeping Beauties!  I wonder if they will ask him why he charged a hotel room in Japan when all reports said the Japanese were covering hotels for Renner and Koos!

Renner can vomit all the propaganda he wants about wanting the PCard issue behind him.  (The State Police aren’t going away Tari)

A “discussion” is on agenda for the 5:00 meeting.

There is no vote on the agenda for the 7:00 meeting.

SIX aldermen think a discussion makes a difference!  Why didn’t Mathy, Black, and Buragas sign on to the Agenda Request Form.  I thought unanimous council action was always the goal – at least Stearns and Lower were frequently criticized if they voted NO on anything.   Do these three oppose holding the Mayor accountable?  Maybe David Sage couldn’t get a hold of them in time to be included.  Maybe they hadn’t received their Renner instructions yet.

30 minutes is scheduled.  It only takes 5 to decide the Mayor isn’t capable of having a card in his pocket that gives him virtually unlimited access to free food and drinks.  Yes, free lunches do exist!  What about all the nourishment he has consumed without a receipt?  Somehow that never mattered, but the Japan fiasco finally penetrated their bobble head noggins?

Will anyone remember to turn on the Live Stream for the discussion?  The Council is holding one of their secret meetings (Executive Session) before the discussion begins.  Adjournment is listed on the agenda for 6:50.  The discussion is supposedly for 30 prior to that.  Agenda:

If the aldermen really cared:

Demand an addendum now to the 7:00 meeting:  Potential vote to change the ordinance.

What are you waiting for?

Without a vote Tari keeps walking around with taxpayer dollars at his fingertips.

Maybe Tari can bring scissors to the Council meeting and cut up the card on video!  Oh wait, scissors sharp enough for that should never be in the hands of a child.

See the wonderful ordinance being proposed – PDF page 131 and following:

It has lots of yummy common sense items like Elected Officials won’t have a card.  They can turn in expense reports with receipts.  The receipt has to say who they ate with and the purpose of the meeting.

Anybody else thinking:  Really?  They weren’t already requiring that?  That would be a NOPE.

One more:

The ordinance contains this statement:  Performing periodic audits of expense reimbursements

I wonder if those periodic audits will be every 10 years just like the Coliseum Concessions?

Hint City:  The private sector doesn’t make any reimbursements until expenses have been verified!  No audit required.

It’s all meaningless since no vote is scheduled.  Maybe Hales can promise a vote in the future – just like he promised Judy Stearns a review of the Coliseum contract would take place.

As of 9:20 AM Friday – no addendum is listed.


8 thoughts on “No Vote? No Rush!

  1. A vote should not be taken Monday. The current wording related to certain issues needs to be revised for clarity. Placing words or phrases in parentheses and using “etc” leaves an ordinance (law) far too open to interpretation. As a home rule city, the wording needs to be perfectly in line with State Statute before voting.

  2. Anything bubbling toward the surface regarding the alleged “ugly American” incident in Japan yet?

  3. YEP! Take the card AWAY from THOSE who abuse TAXPAYER dollars, and I sure HOPE the I.S.P. puts a damper in his “tude”.

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