Road design: Run by Idiots!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Before the headline – a commercial:

If you have never attended the annual Evergreen Cemetery Walk

you have one last chance tomorrow

This year all the actors are portraying characters from WWI and McLean County.  Details here:

After I went on the walk this morning, I had one stop to make.  I turned east on Washington from Mercer, then I intended to turn left on to Regency.  The center of Washington St is blocked off with orange barrels for an unknown reason.  No bikes were in the brand new bike lanes.

A Fed X truck and two cars were turning west onto Washington from Regency.  NONE of those vehicles were capable of turning without crossing the line into my turn lane.  Who knew cars and large trucks can’t make 90 degree turns!  Luckily I saw the Fed X truck before pulling too far forward and made room for all three to turn.  The bike lane moved the turn lane too far north to accommodate all traffic.

Keep in mind adding bike lanes was approved by a committee and the City Council.  All knew they were intentional causing congestion.  Too bad an engineer was consulted, of course this should be expected from who got elected!  Progress!

Haven’t we fought wars to escape this kind of oppression?




14 thoughts on “Road design: Run by Idiots!

  1. That area is a mess and just think, those lane markings will continue west on Washington to Lee Street according to the amendment. One thing I noticed around town is there are no “wide lines” to indicate where the front of a vehicle should stop at intersections. The wide line in the left turn lane should always be located several feet back from the through lane to allow for left turns. Can I apply to be a traffic engineer now??


  2. I went by there the other day to deliver some produce to a lady, and GEEZ! I’ll NEVER go that way AGAIN! Let the bicycles have it, and I hope they let THEIR kids ride there too! Some gene pools NEED chlorine
    Did IDOT REALLY sign off on this BS????


    1. Washington is a municipal street. IDOT is not involved with that mess. But, IDOT is involved with putting “bike lanes” in the shoulder ON Veterans Parkway. IDOT also controls Rt. 9 and Rt. 51. Expect bike lanes to be added on those streets too.


  3. “Haven’t we fought wars to escape this kind of oppression?” No, because no one is so simple and deluded to equivocate the placement of bike lanes to the march of Nazism, Imperial Japan, the spread of Communism, ISIS, the Civil War, the Crusades, virtually any war. However, if you want round up a milita, go ahead. I think that late night talk shows need something else other than Trump to talk about. Cliven Bundy may have some kids that are not jail. Call them up.


  4. The lanes are blocked because they are installing the man holes. They do this after they pave roads. And yes, this is an absurd rework of this road.


  5. It seems like the manholes should go in first? Washington street is a disaster at the moment. The bike lanes wil cause MORE accidents than how it was before.Bikes VS car equals death or serious injury; bikes VS pedestrians equals slight injury and embarrassment. It would appear that bikes on the sidewalks is safer that on the street, bike lanes or not. Also, no more credit cards to city staff, because the mayor got caught. Looks like a turd event, smells like a turd event.


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